Pinch of dark grey dust

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A pinch of dark grey dust petrifies a limb blown off with Limb Disruption (708) for later use as a tool to drag down enemy creatures (causing hard roundtime). To use, SPRINKLE the dust on the limb, and WAVE (verb) the limb at the target. The petrified limbs cannot be used on player characters. When this is attempted, the limb will turn on the user and drag/knock him/her to the ground. The dust is created by sorcerer alchemists in the trinkets discipline.

Profession Sorcerer
Discipline Trinkets
Spell 708
Rank taught 13
Rank end
Location West

Alchemy Recipe

A pinch of dark grey dust
Creates four doses
  1. Add powder solution
  2. Add mummy's shroud from lesser mummies
  3. Add powdered iridescent labradorite stone
  4. Add powdered star sapphire
  5. Simmer
  6. Add ayana leaf
  7. Boil
  8. Chant Limb Disruption (708)


>sprinkle dust on arm
You sprinkle a pinch of dark grey dust on a severed siren arm.
As the dust drifts down over the siren arm, the hand's skin cracks, turning a stony grey from fingertip to wrist.  It darkens suddenly, casting off a small cloud of dust as the remainder of the arm decays away.

>get hand
You pick up a petrified siren hand.

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