Pinefar General Store

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Pinefar General Store is the general store in Pinefar. It is run by a young giant named Grum, who sells various items for surviving Aenatumgana.

[Pinefar, General Store]
This is a warm domain of polished oak surfaces and clumps of sweet-smelling herbs hanging from low rafters. Another of the generous hearths covers one wall, with a low sales-counter opposite it. Shelves stretch from floor to ceiling behind the counter, filled with a variety of merchandise, and pastries line the counter-top in a tempting display. You also see the halfling Belle, a maple door, a carved wooden sign and the storekeeper Grum.


Welcome to the Pinefar General Store!
Grum the shopkeeper offers his catalog to browse.
Grum exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"
  1. a gingham dress                13. a mammoth-hide shield
  2. a flannel shirt                14. a horn dagger
  3. some plaid trousers            15. a steel broad axe
  4. a pair of ermine gloves        16. a steel crowbill
  5. some red fox earmuffs          17. a flint-tipped spear
  6. a racoon-tail hat              18. a heavy wooden maul
  7. a wolverine hide cloak         19. a maple composite bow
  8. some mammoth-hide snowboots    20. a laquered crossbow
  9. a leather mountaineer's pack   21. a bundle of arrows
  10. a skunkhide sack              22. a bundle of heavy crossbow bolts
  11. a caribou-hide sheath         23. a white flask
  12. an elk-hide quiver

The backroom does not offer any merchandise.

Additional Notes

Shopkeep Owner

Grum - A young giant, Grum stands nearly 9 feet tall. Despite his intimidating appearance, he appears to be quite docile. He moves with lumbering uncoordination, sometimes rubbing his pudgy belly, scratching his bald head or waving to patrons. He wears some ragged pants tied at the waist with a length of rope and a tanned leather vest.


  • "Grum gives you a big, stupid grin and says, "Grums likes small peoples.""
  • "Grum scratches his bald head, as if struggling to grasp some complex thought. After a while he looks at you and asks, "Hmm... ifs Grums be giant, an Saba be giant, why not Grums be Saba?""
  • "Yawning, Grum stretches his arms out wide, oafishly knocking a bow off a nearby shelf. As the merchandise clatters across the floor, his eyes bulge open and he draws a hand over his mouth, as if the gesture might somehow lessen the noise. It doesn't. The giant timidly reaches down to grasp the bow and returns it to the shelf. He then turns to you and says, "Grums be sorry. Don' tell on Grums, 'kay?""