Pinefar Smoke Shop

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Pinefar Smoke Shop is the tobacco shop in Pinefar. It is run by a shopkeeper named Guernna, who sells various tobacco related items.

[Pinefar, Smoke Shop] RNUM: 2784
The spicy scent of tobacco permeates the cozy room tucked beneath the inn's wide staircase. Its walls are painted a deep shade of hunter green that compliments the rich grain of polished oak shelves lining the walls. On the back wall, the shelves are filled with wooden tobacco boxes, while books crowd the others. A painting of a hunting scene occupies the only expanse sans shelves, keeping watch above two over-stuffed leather armchairs. You also see Guernna the shopkeeper, a crystal door and a brass sign.


Welcome to the Pinefar Smoke Shop!
Guernna the shopkeeper offers his catalog to browse.
Guernna exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"
  1. a slender aromatic cigar        9. a large glass tobacco jar
  2. a petite sweet-smelling cigar   10. a large brown tobacco jar
  3. a fat pungent cigar             11. a red glass tobacco jar
  4. a slender brown cigar           12. a small wooden box
  5. a red pungent cigar             13. a leaf wrapper
  6. a black aromatic cigar          14. a polished oak cigar box
  7. a dark green tobacco tin        15. a burled maple cigar box
  8. a small red tobacco tin

Additional Info


Guernna is a stocky dwarf, her short form topped by a shock of thick red hair which she wears knotted into a fuzzy bun. Her clothes are tidy, her brown wool dress covered by a crisply-ironed apron, and sturdy black boots protect her wide feet. Her eyes are dark and deep-set, but they twinkle with interest when she speaks of anything to do with tobacco. The lower half of her face is adorned with a luxuriant russet beard that would be the envy of any dwarf of good breeding!


  • "Guernna carefully fills a bin with long dark cigars, arranging them in the case with perfect symmetry."
  • "Guernna opens a beautifully carved humidor, and dribbles a few drops of water into a small natural sponge that rests in a compartment inside it.
  • "Guernna carefully measures out scoops of tobacco, selecting different leaves from a row of glass jars and combining them into the Pinefar house blend."
  • "Guernna pries the top off of a wooden box with a crest incised upon the lid. She removes a number of short, stubby cigars and places them gingerly inside a humidor sitting on a shelf behind the counter."