Pinefar Infirmary

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Pinefar Infirmary is the herb shop in Pinefar. It is run by a shopkeeper named Celk Fyretryst, who sells various herbal concoctions. Since all of these remedies are fluidic, the use of the pour verb will allow one to heal the dead or stunned. There is no backroom in this shop.

[Pinefar, Infirmary]
The room is aromatic, scented with bunches of herbs that hang from the beamed ceiling like garland. An oak counter is cluttered with glass canisters filled with all sorts of powders and leaves, and a bed sits against the far wall, the two pieces being the room's only furnishings. A window sporting a white linen drape offers a view of the moonlit, snowy landscape. You also see a wooden sign and Celk the herbalist.


Welcome to the Pinefar Infirmary!
Celk the herbalist offers his catalog to browse.
Celk exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"
  1. some acantha leaf tea   12. a valerian root tea
  2. some sweetfern tea      13. a pennyroyal tea
  3. some red lichen tea     14. a wyrmwood root tea
  4. some feverfew tea       15. a manroot potion
  5. some ginkgo nut tea     16. a valerian root potion
  6. some sassafras tea      17. a pennyroyal potion
  7. a sweetfern potion      18. a wyrmwood root potion
  8. a red lichen potion     19. a daggit root potion
  9. a feverfew potion       20. an angelica root potion
  10. a ginkgo nut potion    21. an earwort potion 
  11. a manroot tea
Healing Group Inv. # Item Function
Health 1. Acantha leaf tea Restores 10 HP's
6. Sassafras tea Restores 30 to 60 HP's
(Arms, Legs, Hands)
2. Sweetfern tea minor injury (cuts & bruises)
7. Sweetfern potion major injury (broken, bleeding, & severed)
11. Manroot tea minor scar (old battle scars)
15. Manroot potion major scar (mangled limb)
20. Angelica root potion missing limbs NOTE: Must heal injury completely first
Nervous System 3. Red lichen tea minor injury (twitching)
8. Red lichen potion major injury (convulsions)
12. Valerian root tea minor scar (slurred speech)
16. Valerian root potion major scar (muscle spasms)
Head & Neck 4. Feverfew tea minor injury (cuts & bruises)
9. Feverfew potion major injury (lacerations/bleeding)
13. Pennyroyal tea minor scar (facial scars)
17. Pennyroyal potion major scar (serious mutilations)
Eye & Torso
(Back, Abdomen, Chest)
5. Gingko nut tea minor injury (cuts & bruises)
10. Gingko nut potion major injury (lacerations/bleeding)
14. Wyrmwood root tea minor scar (old battle scars)
18. Wyrmwood root potion major scar (painful, serious, swollen)
19. Daggit root potion missing eye NOTE: Must heal injury completely first
Miscellaneous 21. Earwort potion Undisease (113)


Celk is tall, as many elves are. His pure bloodlines are evident in his mane of shoulder-length blond hair and his long, aquiline nose. Celk's eyes are as blue as a clear sky and they sparkle when he chooses to smile and reveal his perfect, white teeth. He is dressed to perfection, a flawlessly tailored linen shirt neatly tucked into green velvet breeches and knee-high leather boots. A green silk scarf is knotted at his throat and tucked into the collar of the shirt, which has a small, embroidered likeness of a knight jousting on the left breast. The outfit is completed with a large diamond stud worn in his right earlobe. Clearly, this elf knows how to dress!


  • "Celk whips out a mirror from beneath the counter and studies his appearance for a few moments. He smoothes the line of his eyebrows, examines his teeth, then tucks the mirror away and goes back to mixing powders in a large mortar."
  • "Celk carefully mixes a couple of powders together, then adds them to a beaker of a viscous black liquid. Seeing you watching him, he stops, puts his hands on his hips and sarcastically informs you, "Tickets for the afternoon show are completely sold out, more's the pity! You'll just HAVE to come back another time. Or NOT!""
  • "Celk gasps as a rotund little dwarf waddles in carrying a tray full of beakers and vials. "No no NO!" exclaims the elf, "Never never never carry them like that! You could drop that whole tray and make such a racket people would hear it in Icemule Trace." Celk grabs the tray and carefully sets it down on his workbench. The bantam dwarf shuffles out, a crestfallen look on his face."
  • "Celk mutters and begins rearranging a number of large glass containers, grumbling about the sloppiness of dwarves as he carefully lines them up in symmetrical rows on the shelves"