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This NPC is deprecated and is no longer implemented. Information in this article is presented for historical reference only.

A placid monk was once an automated NPC in Wehnimer's Landing. It was responsible for giving Council of Light masters advice on how to save their souls.

Its counterpart, a curious mystic, also no longer exists. The Council of Light has not had a chapter in that town in over a decade.

Behind The Scenes

The monk was a worshipper of the goddess Shaaljin, which was converted to "Zhaolmin" after the I.C.E. Age. These were ultra-pacifistic monks who were opposed to any disruption of nature whatsoever. They have no backstory in the modern history. There is still a Zhaolmin monk in the Temple of Wehnimer's Landing, representing the fact that the place is used by a wide multitude of local faiths.


The monk told corrupted adventurers how to cleanse themselves, which led them to the "Justicar" temple where the light gods watched them fight for their souls.

"You look like you need cheering up," whispers the placid monk. "Perhaps this quotation from the holy books will help ease your troubled spirit." 

"If your soul has a dark, dark stain, and from evil you would refrain, Go to the place, of your secret disgrace, and kneel when you pull the chain!" 

Room Messaging

A placid monk scratches his beard and turns suddenly pale, fearing he may have disturbed it.

A placid monk prays, "The peace of Elanith keep you safe."

A placid monk looks enraged and shouts, "You, merchant! Stop disturbing that ox!" And then quiets suddenly, ashamed to have made such a disruption.

The monk notices a cloud passing overhead and looks fretful.
He reluctantly explains, "It disturbs the sky."