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Plumille is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Plumille (plu-MEEL): Individual feather barbs are separated from their shaft and woven with silk thread to create a lightweight material with a moderate sheen.


The art of creating plumille has been passed down through the forest gnome bloodlines. The process to separate the barbs is taught to children at an early age and by the time they are old enough to begin crafting the material, they have more than perfected the technique.


Relatively lightweight, plumille is most commonly used for outer garments because of the natural water-resistant properties of the woven feather barbs, but the material is suitable for just about any garment.


Plumille is a lightweight fabric, and the barbs used in weaving are typically left in their natural color. Crafters who are more familiar with dyeing will often dye the barbs in a range of light to dark hues of a single color, ending in a gradiated effect on the final garment.

General Restrictions

Given the intricacy of the technique to produce plumille, forest gnomes are the most skilled at weaving it. Throughout the years, they have shared their techniques, and now, other merchants across Elanthia exhibit some measure of skill in working with the fabric.