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Ebon Gate 2012 is a festival held at the end of October.


Platinum will run 10/26 - 11/02

Prime will run 11/02 - 11/11

Shattered will run 11/02 - 11/11 (grounds only)

Platinum grounds will stay open for digging, shopping, and RP throughout the entire Prime run.

The last weekend will not be considered part of normal merchanting/shopping time, but the grounds will stay open for further RP.

The grounds will close on 11/11 in all instances.


Please note: This will be updated as more merchants arrive at their shops.

Room # Shop Name Shop Description Merchant
1 The Skeptic/The Affluent Series of run-down wagons Juleana
Dashing and Slashing Small wooden plank lodge
The Believer Gold-painted wooden ladder
2 Sing Me an Epithet Small woven grass tent
Abandoned General Store Abandoned General Store
3 Instrumental Interlude Moss-covered stone cave
4 Abandoned Stronghold Muck-immersed abandoned stronghold
5 Abandoned Tavern Half-sunken abandoned tavern
Good Looks Canvas-tented rickety pier
6 Abandoned Church Moss-covered abandoned church
7 Close Yer Robe Dilapidated wooden shack
8 Vathwyn Manor Crumbling whitewashed house
12 Monumental Momentos Stone and wood plank hut
13 Sight Beyond Sight Goatskin and ironskin tent
15 Huff 'n' Puff Floating canvas-covered barge
16 Bits and Pieces Dark skin and hide tent
18 House of Ebon and Ivory Immense aged wyrwood tree
21 Brumas' Toy Wagon Small web-draped wagon
Totally Runed Tall red and blue tent
A Spring In Your Step Moss-draped dark green tent
Pack It In Weatherworn flap
22 Something New Expansive white-washed wagon
Animal Hides of Fury Large wooden wagon
23 Bank Moss-covered stone building (arch)
24 Kiosk Colorful wooden kiosk
28 Buzzly's Hut Large mud-and-stick hut Buzzly
Lesser Linens Decrepit stone chapel
30 After Thoughts Half-sunk house boat
31 Wrought From Rot Moss-covered hollow cypress tree
34 The Pious Panoply Pure white canvas tent Taikona
40 Off The Chain Teetering wooden sales stall
Zegg's Plunder Surplus Shanty Moss-draped pine sales stand Zegg
Boil and Toil Massive wooden wagon
Weave and Wear Large wooden wagon
Frippery in the Fen Large grey silk pavillion
41 Foxfire Manor Hole in the wall
Turn It Around Dark copper-trimmed wagon Caranto
42 Dilapidated Party Boat Twisted rope
43 Belted My Way Small austere wagon
44 Sweet Oblivion Lavender and amethyst silk tent
46 The Skeleton Key Small wooden booth
47 The Golden Rule Leaf-covered dingy hovel
48 Peddler's Pain Ragged peddler's tent Piddles
That Shifty Shtick Gold-trimmed bright red tent
49 Magically Delicious Small run-down wagon
Holly, Wood, And Vine Large cotton and oak pavilion Bazzelwyn
Futile Gestures Battered white oak wagon Bazzelwyn
Can You Contain-er? Dirty pavilion
Illustrated Tent Illustrated tent Nexel
Talisman Tent Tall blue fabric tent Rashiva
53 Deserted Cottage
55 A Haphazard Wooden Shack Haphazard wooden shack
56 Make Your Mark Narrow modwir wagon
A Fine Line Between Massive ebon velvet tent
57 Fen Furnishings Dilapidated wooden stick wagon
58 Green Henna and Eggs Painted shiny green shop
The Eternal Encounter Web-covered dark shop Woodward
A Stony Cottage Thatch-roofed silvery stone cottage
60 It's The Thought That Counts Colorful patchwork tent
62 The Spider's Ilk Dark spidersilk tent
63 A Leg Up Dilapidated grey wood building
Of Winged Things Wispy azure-whorled violet tent
64 Instrumentality Massive particolored tent
65 The Painted Talon Spire-capped ebonwood wagon
66 Healer's Tent Muddy canvas tent
68 Burning Down the House Blazing flame-lit building
69 Breezy Gazebo Screened-in gazebo
Zombie Snack Shack Charred plank shack
70 The Goblin Oddity Several colorful wagons
71 A Pocket Full Darkly stained teak wagon
Tainted Toys Small dilapidated wagon
Scented like a Rose Plain wagon
Flowers for Two Decorated wagon
72 Alchemist's Delight Haphazardly erected tent
74 Feymist Inn Large cedar-planked building
The Jaded Jester Burnt-out ramshackle structure
76 Bring Your Own Music Battered tanik and haon wagon
Totally Totes Small flower-strewn wagon
Hodgepodge Hole Crooked pine wagon
77 From Hair to There Bright flowery wagon Zanthie
Baked Up A Treat Small ivy-strewn wagon
78 Sword Swallower's Wagon Faded red and gold wagon
79 Hair Apparent Garish red-wheeled wagon
80 Whatever Will Be Gilded crimson-painted wagon
Small Pavilion Small pavilion
81 Saa-weet Treats Temporary food stand Comida
Shoddy Kiosk Shoddy kiosk
Skin Deep Colorful modwir wagon
82 Make Your Own Kind of Music Multihued patchwork tent
Linen or Leather Battered wooden wagon
Ancient Defenses Sturdy little shop
84 Rumrunners' Tavern Seedy-looking tavern
85 To the Hilt Silver-roofed dark blue wood wagon
Amidst the Tents Cluster of canvas tents
The Hair Appeal Dilapidated wooden structure
86 Picked Apart Dilapidated shack
Requiem Narrow granite storefront
Bitter Chill Long painted wagon
Blacksmith's Stall Blacksmith's stall
88 A Head Above Brass and green silk tent
92 Wrap It Up Heavy tarp
97 Nocking Point Thatched rush and willow hut
98 Swamp Sparkles Gold and silver satin pavilion Joola
Immortally Preserved Conical ebon velvet pavilion
102 Eye of the Hawk Green suede-covered tent
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