Polimynia Gael

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Polimynia Gael
Gender Female
Race Elven
Job Shopkeeper
Affiliation(s) Gael family of Illistim

Polimynia is a shopkeeper at Wax Eloquent in Ta'Illistim. She is from the prominent Gael family, and has a scholar sister Hiraani and a niece Yrmythia, in the Illistim court.


You see Polimynia Gael Illistim of Wax Eloquent.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is tall and appears to be young.  She has almond-shaped blue eyes and fair, pale skin.  She has long, sleek chestnut hair worn simply straight.  She has a heart-shaped face and sharp cheekbones.  The tips of her fingers are scarred.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a necklet of cast-silver feathers, a dark blue wool cotehardie, a dove grey silk undergown, a silver thumb signet and some dark blue wool slippers.

Ambient Messaging:

Using a small knife, Polimynia sharpens the nib on a quill.

Polimynia cleans a bit of wax from the grooves of her own signet.

Noting an argent wax stick misplaced into a bin of sapphire, Polimynia plucks it from its place and sets it where it belongs.

Polimynia examines the tops of her hands, sighing.

Polimynia picks idly at a bit of melted wax on the counter.

Polimynia shuffles a stack of parchments.

Polimynia stands by the window, looking thoughtfully out onto the Var.

Noting a breeze coming through the door, Polimynia places a heavy silver weight atop a sheaf of paper.