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Wax Eloquent is a shop in Ta'Illistim that specializes in stationery goods. It sells stationery to WRITE on. It also sells locked signet rings, wax, and quills. It is located on Stearriza Var in Ta'Illistim and is owned by Polimynia, a member of the prominent Gael family. The shop was updated in 2024, previously in 2021.

[Wax Eloquent, Correspondence] RNUM: u13204009
Pale grey stone peeks from underneath a tasseled, silken rug woven in various shades of blue. Recessed in the front wall next to a narrow door is a single tracery window set with stained glass that compliments the floor covering. A series of mistwood shelves, filled with various items, lines the back wall of the shop. Running the full length of the room is a long counter topped with a slab of labradorite, though a copious amount of dried wax dot the surface. You also see Polimynia.


  1. a sheet of kaleidoscopic parchment     14. a violet-grey stick of wax
  2. a sheet of lavender-tinted parchment   15. an argent pearl stick of wax
  3. a sheet of marbled grey parchment      16. an ebon-marbled stick of wax
  4. a sheet of peahen-stamped parchment    17. a jewel-toned peacock feather quill
  5. a sheet of silver-veined parchment     18. a silver-nibbed peahen feather quill
  6. a sheet of gilt-swept vellum           19. a fine-grained blonde resaeun stylus
  7. a sheet of pearl-washed vellum         20. a well-oiled dark walnut stylus
  8. a sheet of smoke-striated vellum       21. a brass-forged clockwork signet
  9. a sheet of vert-colored vellum         22. a marbled vert jade signet
  10. a claret-veined stick of wax          23. a nacre-inset pale silver signet
  11. a faetha green stick of wax           24. a squared reddish gold signet
  12. a pavonated stick of wax              25. an earth-toned celaeun signet
  13. a pearlescent stick of wax            26. an ivory-veined lavender jade signet       

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