Post Office, Finn's Office

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Post Office, Finn's Office is the post office in River's Rest.

[Post Office, Finn's Office] RNUM: 30118
A heavily scarred desk is situated opposite of the entrance to the room, and behind it stands a grizzled half-elven clerk. Strung along the walls is a length of thick rope hung with an odd assortment of items. Leaning against the desk, in easy handreach of the clerk, is a large, armed crossbow. The occassional squawk of a river bird passes through the poorly constructed walls of the room, along with the scent of wet earth. You also see a grizzled half-elven clerk.


Manifest book
  1. a small parchment envelope               12. a piece of gilt-edged parchment
  2. a small rabbit-stamped envelope          13. a folded taupe stampbook
  3. an ivy green lily-embossed envelope      14. an ornate lily-etched stampbook
  4. an ale-stained rough paper envelope      15. a folded rabbit-covered stampbook
  5. a thick burlap-covered package           16. a folded light pink stampbook
  6. a pickle-inked cloth-covered package     17. a neatly folded vine-covered stampbook
  7. a stein-stamped burlap-covered package   18. a battered ale-stained stampbook
  8. a nail-clasped linen-wrapped package     19. a folded mint green stampbook
  9. a papyrus parchment                      20. a green gem-embossed stampbook
  10. a piece of ale-stained vellum           21. a whimsical pickle-inked stampbook
  11. a piece of lily-inked papyrus          

  Backroom Manifest book
  22. a cockatrice feather quill          29. a cylinder of pickle-green wax
  23. a blood eagle quill                 30. a heavy steel signet ring
  24. a fluffy pink owl feather quill     31. a delicate gold signet ring
  25. an ebon vulture feather quill       32. a heavy silver signet ring
  26. a cylinder of black and gold wax    33. a darkened imflass signet ring
  27. a cylinder of glittering ebon wax   34. a polished olive wood package
  28. a cylinder of silvery blue wax      35. an ivy green ribbon-wrapped package

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