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Prayer rugs are lightly zested roleplaying props that utilize the AllMine script. They were originally released at the Festival of Lumnea in 2007. They are similar to Meditation mats.


You take a closer look at a silver-edged indigo prayer rug.
You analyze the indigo prayer rug and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "The item has restrictions on changing the noun."

The creator has also provided the following information:

This item is intended to be a prayer rug.  Please keep that in mind when getting this altered.  Either a long or a show description is acceptable, though the material must be flexible and able to be rolled up.

Prayer rugs were released in 2008 by Brother Weatherby.  You may KNEEL on or PRAISE the rug.  The item must remain a "prayer rug".


Once placed, the prayer rug cannot be picked up by anyone but the person who unrolled it, but can be used by anyone. The BREATHE trap does not have an ending message and after a minute will reset back to a new meditation.

Verb First Third
ANALYZE (while on ground) You may KNEEL on or PRAISE the rug. N/A
You unroll your meditation mat and place it on the ground. XXX unrolls his meditation mat and places it on the ground.
GET You retrieve your meditation mat from the ground and carefully roll it up. XXX retrieves his meditation mat from the ground and carefully rolls it up.
KNEEL You prepare yourself for spiritual communion as you move to your knees in the center of the indigo prayer rug. XXX prepares himself for spiritual communion as he moves to his knees in the center of the indigo prayer rug.
(while kneeling on rug, begins meditation)
You close your eyes, tilt your head back, and raise your hands slightly as you begin a long, silent prayer. XXX closes his eyes, tilts his head back, and raises his hands slightly as he begins a long, silent prayer.
You sway slightly on the indigo prayer rug as you continue your silent communion. XXX sways slightly, as if to some inner cadence, as he kneels silently on the rug.

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Prayer rug Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Prayer Rug
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Original Release Merchant Weatherby
Restrictions Must be prayer rug.
Flexible material.
Item Verbs