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Available To all
Mnemonic [PRECISION]
Cost none
Roundtime Passive
Requirements weapon in the right hand
Prerequisites none
Rank Square Semi Pure
1 4 6
2 6 9 12

When using precision, a character holding a weapon in their right hand may choose to have that weapon type perform a certain type of damage (puncture, slashing, or crushing, for example). This is a setting which remains active unless reset, and applies for all weapons of the same base used by that character. Characters can set (potentially different) preferences for up to 30 weapon bases.

At one rank, the chosen type of damage will be done 75% of the time, with the other 25% being randomized as it would be if the character did not have (or had not set) their preference registered by this skill. At two ranks, the chosen type of damage will be done 100% of the time. This can be especially useful to avoid ineffectual puncture damage on creatures who are immune to it, such as stone trolls and some types of golems.

Precision has no effect when aiming using the AMBUSH verb, or using ranged attacks, such as archery or throwing weapons.