Premium spell of the month

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The Premium spell of the month was introduced in April 2013 as a new Premium benefit. The items hold a spell that is changed each month and fluctuated between a spell of war and a defensive/utility spell. Looking at the item will show whether the spell is offensive (soft red glow) or defensive (???). These items can be activated by either rub or wave, casting the spell once or twice a day (depending on the spell). They required a small amount of Magic Item Use training. Casting Elemental Detection (405) or Loresinging at the item revealed more.

The spell of the month items are located on Tigerlily Avenue in Mist Harbor, in the marble edifice.

White marble walls encapsulate this small entry room. The interior of the building is blocked by a heavy oak door. Twin torches are affixed to the wall on either side of the door and cast their light on the room, bathing the contents in a golden glow. A low table near the entry is covered with a scarlet cloth, on which rests several small trinkets that glitter in the torchlight. Wandering the room is a darkly robed illusionist, who scours the area with a harsh gaze.
On the low table you see a pile of leather headbands, a pile of golden pendants, a pile of platinum pins, a pile of twisted wire armbands, a pile of silver bracelets, a pile of monsoon jasper rings and a pile of woven reed anklets.

>ask illusionist about talismans
The illusionist leans toward you and says, "The items on the table hold a different spell each month that can be cast one or two times per day, depending on the spell.  It will be attuned to you, so choose wisely.  All the items will cast the same spell."