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  • If you are a property owner and have not responded, then please email Tivvy and Thandiwe to confirm you've reviewed this. Please use the data below to handle that email.

Congratulations and Welcome to Private Property Ownership,

Please save this email for easy, future reference. At all times, please make sure to keep your PLAY.NET email address accurate to ensure all communications are able to flow freely.

Private Property Gurus
Going forward, GM Tivvy and GM Thandiwe are the property gurus. They may ask others to communicate with you or work with you on their behalf as needed and time permits. When communicating with the gurus, please be sure to include both in all correspondences.

GM Tivvy -
GM Thandiwe -

Private Property Communications

When corresponding with the Private Property Gurus, please make sure to include the following at the top of every email:

Property Name:
Property Owner: (ie: Character)
Property Location: (ie: Town)
Instance of Property: (ie: Platinum, Prime, or Shattered)

Please ensure that the subject line reads: Private Property - (And then your subject)

Keys and Doors and Storage
Upon obtaining your property you are given up to 10 keys. These keys will open your front door and your storage containers. Please be mindful of who they are distributed to as this gives this access to all of the items and belongings that you store on your property. You may obtain more keys through Lockmastery.

During Ebon Gate and Rumor Woods, there may be property carts that allow you to purchase certain services pertaining to your doors and keys. Some of those services are:

Teleportation Keys - These allow your key to teleport you directly to the front door of your property. (Except for properties on Mist Harbor)

Keyless Entry - This allows you to pass through your door provided you are holding or wearing your property key.

These services will not be offered outside of those events.

Rules and Regulations for Both Permanent and Rental Properties

  1. In order to be eligible to own a Private Property, your account must be billed for at least the minimum monthly subscription to GemStone IV in the instance the property is in.
    1. For example, eligibility in Prime would require at least a basic subscription, whereas a Platinum property would require a full Platinum subscription.
  2. Participating in game mechanics abuse within the property can result in the property being repossessed.
  3. At no time should you leave anything unattended or on the floor of your property. The janitor can still claim your items and a crash can cause you to lose them. Your items are safest when they are on, in, behind, or under objects in the room.
  4. If for some reason you need your property re-keyed, then there will be a 125,000 silvers surcharge per container/entry that needs to be re-keyed.
  5. Workshops may be reassigned to a new enchanter once every six months at a fee of 250,000 silvers.

Rental Property Rules & Regulations

  1. Private Properties are limited to one per account (not one per instance), and the property is linked to both the account AND the character. If the character linked to the property is ever moved to a different account, the property will be immediately repossessed. If a new property becomes available, and you win that property (regardless of the distribution method), you will have to choose between the old and the new property. (Private Properties are not the same as Premium Homes, which are available in several neighborhoods throughout Elanthia. You may own both a Private Property and a Premium Home if you wish.)
    1. If you have a property in Platinum (and only in Platinum) you may have a one-time waiver of the transfer rule, but the account the character is transferred to MUST be verified as belonging to you.
  2. Rent will be due by 11 PM EDT (10 PM EST) on the FIRST day of EACH month. If payment is not in the rent box prior to this time, it will be considered overdue. Only the character tied to the property can pay rent, and if you forget how much is due, you can LOOK at the rent box to see any outstanding amount. Rent will again be payable on the second day of each month, but will not be collected until the first day of the following month. If your rent box is not functioning properly, it is YOUR responsibility to notify the Private Property guru immediately or to place an ASSIST about the issue. This includes, but is not limited to, not collecting rent, not accepting payment, showing an invalid amount due, etc.
    1. For example, your monthly rent is 100,000 silvers. If you have not paid rent in September you will owe 100,000 silvers on October 1 by 10:59 PM EDT. If not paid, by 11:00 PM on October 1, you will owe 200,000 silvers. If not paid by 10:59 PM EDT on November 1, at 11:00 PM on November 1 you will now owe 300,000 silvers. If not paid by 10:59 PM EDT on December 1, at 11 PM EDT the repossession process will begin and you will no longer be able to access your rent box. (You may pay rent anytime between 11 PM EDT (10 PM EST) on the first of the month and 10:59 PM EDT (10:59 PM EST) on the first day of the following month to keep your rent current.)
  3. Rent that goes unpaid for more than THREE consecutive months puts the property into repossession. Once the rent due rolls over to equaling four times the monthly amount due, the repossession will automatically begin, and you will no longer be able to pay rent. Once the property is confiscated, you will be unable to have it returned to you. Your items will be packed up and kept safe for 30 days. You may ASSIST or contact the Private Property guru to have your items returned to you. Any items left for more than 30 days will be considered forfeit and destroyed. If a situation arises which may keep you from accessing the game, and possibly send your property into repossession, it is YOUR responsibility to contact the Private Property guru as soon as you can to make arrangements. Do not wait until after you return and the property has been repossessed. If arrangements are made beforehand, repossession can be held off for a time.
    1. There will be times at Duskruin when permanency vouchers will be available. These vouchers are for 250,000 bloodscrip and will remove all rental property requirements from your property.

Permanent Property Rules & Regulations

  1. Property Permanency means that there is no monthly rental requirement.
  2. Property Permanency removes the one property per account restriction.
  3. You may only own one property per character.