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Pulses are points in time where the restoration of mana, health, experience, and other timed factors occur.

The term "pulse" is most commonly used to refer to mana pulses when characters regenerate expended mana. The interval between mana pulses is 2 minutes on average, but can vary randomly between 92 to 152 seconds, with a chance of occurring on any multiple of 4 seconds within that range (92, 96, 100, ..., 148, 152). Each mana pulse happens simultaneously for all characters in the same area, but the exact timing may differ slightly across realms. Experienced spellcasters can invoke a mana pulse for themselves before the global timer by using the Mana Pulse ability.

When discussing experience absorption rates, a "pulse" refers to when unabsorbed field experience is processed into actual experience gains. Field experience is absorbed twice per mana pulse, once at the halfway point between mana pulse intervals and once with the mana pulse itself.

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