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Puncture Resistance

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Creatures & Suggestions for New Creatures
Message #: 5572
Author: GS4-MESTYS
Date: 3/12/2010 11:05:18 PM
Subject: Puncture Immune No More.

After a fairly regular regimen of scoldings and beatings, creatures of Elanthia that formerly exhibited an immunity to puncture damage will do so no longer. These outright immunities have been replaced with resistances of varying magnitude, depending on the creature. In general, bony creatures and arachnids will be the most resistant to puncture damage, while other creatures with thick hides will be less resistant.


Creature Generator

Category: General Discussions
Topic: Experience
Message #: (Unknown)
Date: Sep 10, 1998 17:09:03
Subject: (Unknown)

As the creator of the criter generatiors I thought I would share a bit of info with you guys:

The critter generators have a feaure that is intended (if turned on by the area creator) to encourage group hunting, reduce camping and reduce the number of players in any given area.

Basically, how it works is that when it is attempting to gen a critter ina random room, if a player is in the room, it will try to gen a critter in another random room, if there is a player in that room too, it will continue to try to gen a critter in a random room that doesn't have a player in it. The number of attempts is limited by the area creator, with a maximum number of attempts equal to the number of rooms in the particular hunting area of the critter generator.

If the critter generator fails to find a room whitn the specified number of tries, that gen cycle is bypassed until the generator fires again.

The generators count the number of critters in the area you are in, and the number of players, then calculates how many critters need to be genned in order to meet a ratio value set up by the GM who created that area.

What you can do to encourage more critters out of the system:

  • Hunt in groups.
  • Don't 'camp' in a room.
  • Don't hunt in over-crowded areas, and if you do hunt in those areas anyhow, hunt in groups.

If your hunting solo, and no one else is around, the generators will gen a 'mercy' critter for you.

For those of you who think that critters aren't being genned in your hunting area, look around. If you have players camping in every room chances are the gen cycles are being bypassed due to players in every room.

So next time someone asks to join your group, let them. You may actually get more critters to hunt.

Not all areas use this type of critter generator, but about 90% of them do.