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The Qabbals (now "Dahcre") were an I.C.E. Age card game with multiple possible uses. They were listed in the "Rolemaster Companion I" source book. There were 40 Qabbals in a deck, which were images of runes, and they would be used for game mechanics purposes. They could replace the use of dice if they were assigned numbers from the table, for example, or randomize the encounters players would run into based on their meaning. In principle, they could be adapted to have an "in-character" meaning as well, such as a method of divination regarding the present. It might define the mystical forces operating in any given situation, or anticipating what was needed next.


Joy Happiness Good Absence of Sorrow
Wholeness Wellness Good The Sun, Health, Purity
Partnership Cooperation Good A Gift from Above
Communication Communion Good Signals, Oracle, Holy
Possessions Lucre Good Vital Community, Health
The Harvest Gathering Good A Fruitful Year, Earth
Growth Bloom Good New Birth, Birch, Wood
The Fertile One Virility Good Fertility, Legendary Hero
The Flow Wave Good Sea, Source, Water
Movement Mobility Good Course of the Sun, Horse
Breakthrough Spiritlight Neutral Good Day, God's Light
Opening Disbarring Neutral Good Torch, Skiff, Map, Ulcer
Defense Mystic Shield Neutral Good Yew, Bow, Armor, Debate
Protection Ward Neutral Good Resistance
The Wolf Sylvan Beast Neutral Good Common Beasts, Survival
The Tower The Keep Neutral Tower, Residence, Home
The Runesword Mana Sword Neutral Weapon of Power
The Runestaff Mana Staff Neutral Device of Power
The Cleric The Bishop Neutral Deity through Man
The Wizard The Mage Neutral Energy, Mana, Adept
Destiny The Seer Pure Neutral Destiny, The Unknowable
Self Introspection Neutral Man, Self, Man-Kind
Strength Might Neutral Strength, Ox, Sacrifice
The Journey Transferrance Neutral Travel, Quest, Desire
The Warrior The Matross Neutral Warrior, Victory, Star
Initiation Invisibility Neutral Evil Uncertain Meaning, Secret
The Griffin The Wyvern Neutral Evil Legendary Beasts, Sidhe
Retreat Flight Neutral Evil Separation, Wealth
Standstill Glacier Neutral Evil Standstill, Ice
Constraint Silence Neutral Evil Necessity, Sorrow, Lesson
The Gate The Portal Evil Giant, Demon, Thorn
Disruption Not Evil Damaging Natural Forces
The Pit Oubliette Evil Traps, Danger
Deceit Skullduggery Evil Deception, Illusion
The Betrayer The Traitor Evil Betrayer, Infiltrator
The Goblin The Gremlin Evil Goblins, Dispersed Evil
Werewolf Fang Evil Monsters, Vicious Evil
The Dragon Leviathon Evil Dragon, Mighty Evil, Fear
Distortion Warp Evil Twisting, Undead, Distort
Vortex Chaos Evil Chaos, Entity, Destroyer

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