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a dark crimson conical tent, [Map Room 25], Lich# 28083, go conical tent

Couturier's Retreat

[Couturier's Retreat - 8209198]
Framed in dark pine, the supports of the tent are lined with ivory wool. Surrounded by cushioned benches, a small copper brazier is centered in the room, its hammered body polished to a brilliant gleam. Tucked next to the opening is a narrow rattan basket full of dry tinder and wood. Bits of material, needles and spools of thread are neatly organized on top of a small birch worktable. You also see a framed opening and a well-dressed erithian seamstress.
Obvious exits: out
>look at well-dressed erithian seamstress
Dressed in the western style, a well-dressed erithian seamstress is wearing a soft leather kirtle with split sides that exposes azure linen riding breeches.  High boots adorn her feet, while her hands are unfettered by cloth or rings.  Elaborate braids keep her hair free from her round face, which sports a dimple in each cheek.

>ask seamstress about appraise
A well-dressed erithian seamstress says, "What exactly were you expecting me to look at, friend?"

>ask seamstress about weight
A well-dressed erithian seamstress says, "What exactly were you expecting me to look at, friend?"

>ask seamstress about confirm
A well-dressed erithian seamstress says, "What exactly were you expecting me to look at, friend?"

Hold a container in your right hand while asking questions.

The seamstress says, "You can ASK me for an APPRAISAL or applying weight REDUCTION to your item."

Couturier's Retreat, Storage

[Couturier's Retreat, Storage - 8209199]
Half-full boxes and empty cartons line a large bookshelf that has been converted into a crude inventory management system. Small cards are attached to each shelf and detail the contents of every container, while a small table rests in the center of the room, ready to assist in the sorting process. You also see a framed opening and an elegant vellum sign.
Obvious exits: none
an elegant vellum sign

In the Common language, it reads:
Please note the following about the orbs on the table:

* a lustrous stag-etched orb - 250 raikhen - Provides a Double Experience Boost when rubbed. These boosts are the same type that are also available as Daily Login Rewards and double the amount of base experience you earn per pulse for 15 minutes.

* a luminous lion-etched orb - 225 raikhen - Provides a Fast Experience Absorption Boosts when rubbed. These boosts are new and increase the amount of base experience you absorb per pulse by 50% for 15 minutes. The bonus is applied before other modifiers (RPAs, etc.) and doesn't provide bonus experience, but instead cause you to absorb field experience into real experience faster.

* a crystalline horse-etched orb - 50 raikhen - A single-use magic item that extends the duration of most spells by 60 minutes.  This item can be bundled.

* a shimmering blue orb - 3500 raikhen - Provides a level 2 full experience multiplier when rubbed.  This acts as a multiplier to increase the amount of experience you earn per pulse.

On the table you see: a shimmering blue orb, a luminous stag-etched orb, a lustrous lion-etched orb, and a crystalline horse-etched orb.

On a small table
Item Type Weight Details Price
a shimmering blue orb < 1 lb Level 2 Experience Modifier
2x modifier with 500 flat experience award orb
a luminous stag-etched orb < 1 lb Double experience boost 225
a lustrous lion-etched orb < 1 lb Fast experience absorption boost 250
a crystalline horse-etched orb < 1 lb Spell Duration Boost
You analyze the horse-etched orb and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

The horse-etched orb is a Spell Duration Boost. It will extend the duration of spells when rubbed.

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