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[outside look of shop], [Map Room #], Lich #28064, go stall

[Saddle Me Up - 28064]

[Saddle Me Up]
Dirt and dust hang in the air, visibly twirling about with every little movement. Horse tack is strewn about the area, the vast majority of it broken and abused collections of reins, bridles, straps, stirrups, and saddles, none of which seem to be actual sales merchandise. Somewhat hidden amongst the clutter, a small halfling mutters to herself, loudly smacking her gums and rolling her eyes as she lounges against a display rack and idly kicks at several unfinished saddle trees at her feet.
Obvious exits: out

On the display rack you see:

a saddle-etched bright red certificate for sale 3750
a saddle-etched pale blue certificate for sale 3750

[Saddle Me Up, Showroom - 28065]

[Saddle Me Up, Showroom]
Built on a raised platform, this part of the saddlemaker's stall is entirely enclosed by white oak beams, save for a set of five steps leading out. An intricate system of hooks jutting down from the ceiling suspends, at varied cants and angles, six Finnian style saddles. Kannalan style saddles hang along a railing near one wall, oppposite a long, horizontal post topped with a row of Minstrel's style saddles. Scattered throughout the room, lanterns constantly spit tiny flames, their smoke mingling with the scents of white oak and leather.

On the intricate system of hooks you see:

a storm grey saddle with a violet feather-adorned cantle for sale 2000
a variegated black saddle with a scarlet sinew cinch for sale 2000
an ivory saddle edged with dark red flame lily detailing for sale 2000
a bone white arrowhead-strung saddle for sale 2000
a night hound hide-seated saddle for sale 2000
a smooth ebony leather saddle for sale 2000

On the railing you see:

an intricately floral-tooled saddle for sale 1500
a tan saddle with ivy tooling along the green-hued seat for sale 1500
a sienna saddle with orange and red garnet phoenix accents for sale 1500
a dark brown suede-seated saddle with a serpent's head horn for sale 1500
a wide scuffed leather saddle for sale 1500
a silver skull-riveted saddle for sale 1500

On the long, horizontal post you see:

a light beige saddle burned with an eight-pointed star for sale 1750
a royal blue saddle with a single twisted serpent emblem for sale 1750
a black kidskin-seated saddle with phoenix-etched stirrups for sale 1750
a golden lion-emblazoned saddle for sale 1750
a narrow royal blue leather saddle for sale 1750
a periwinkle argent-accented saddle for sale 1750