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The rakka is a type of rolton which is raised for its hide, wool, and milk.

Rakka, pronounced ruh-kah, are a breed of rolton that originated around Mount Aenatumgana and rapidly expanded within the migratory clans of the Kindred. Docile and gentle, the rakka are unique in that both the male and the female of the species produce horns that jut from their head in a “v” formation. The spiraling horns can grow approximately 20 inches long on the males, while the females produce slightly shorter horns at 12 – 15 inches. Common coloration is a brown-faced and limbed animal with an almost ivory, shaggy fleece. Pure black rakka have been growing in dominance in the river-riddled flatlands outside of Ta'Nalfein where the southern slopes of the Dragonspine are dominated by the Grishknel Clan.

While the horns are impressive and decorative, they are not able to be used as drinking vessels due to their extreme length and relatively narrow structure. However, the corkscrew spiraling and long length do allow them to be used as practice weapons for the young of the clans and are frequently used instead of wooden swords. Their wool, also known as rackhal, is spun to create soft, breathable fabrics suitable for scorching heat and cooler climes (although for the latter, the garments are often layered to retain warmth).

The rakka's pelt is called rakkein.

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