Mount Aenatumgana

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Tsoran's map

The Mount Aenatumgana hunting area is nearest to the town of Icemule Trace. It is found on the Tsoran map IMT-pinefar.

Mount Aenatumgana is one of the tallest mountains in Elanthia, located north of the Paradis Halfling town of Icemule Trace and the trader outpost of Pinefar. It may be the location of the mythical Koargard, due to a shrine to Koar being present on the mountain. It was also the location to the entrance to the Rift, which by extension might be related or equivalent to the Ebon Gates.

Behind the Scenes

Aenatumgana appears to be a concatenation of terms from real-world mythology. Atum refers to the creation and destruction god Atum Ra, who sits on a mound and acts through the Eye of Ra. Gana are the attendants of the Hindu god Shiva, thought to be a continuation of the earlier Vedic god Indra relevant to Shadow Valley, who is a slayer of demons and sits on top of a holy mountain in perpetual meditation. Aen could refer to Mount Aenos or Aetna, associated with Zeus worship, but probably refers to Aeneas from Virgil's The Aeneid which is the basis of Dante's Divine Comedy. The Eye of the Drake is clearly modeled on Dante's depiction of God as a nebulous sphere of fire with rainbows reflecting through each other, beyond the top of the mountain of Purgatory, where at the end of the Vvrael quest it is pulsating through the color spectrum and Lorminstra referred to it as "the circles." The Lake of Tears in the Drake's Shrine was originally associated with the purgatory death mechanics and the Griffin Sword.

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