Rakshakvana (prime)

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Race Giantman
Culture Vornavis
Class Sorcerer
Profession Smuggler
Religion The Temple of Tonis, Solhaven Branch
Affiliation(s) Ta'Nalfein, Solhaven and Vornavis Criminal Underground, The Temple of Tonis
Disposition Intellectual
Demeanor Neutral (Calm)
Greatest Strength Loyal & Dedicated
Greatest Weakness Blunt
Habits Tobacco,Alcohol,Coffee,Gambling
Hobbies Alchemy, Stained Glass
Likes Culture, Travel
Dislikes Racism, Slavery
Fears The Church of Koar
Loyalties The Thieves' Guild of Vornavis & Solhaven: The Pegasi, Temple of Tonis
Best Friend Aeonelas
Spouse None
Loved One None

Rakshakvana is a giantman sorcerer and a devout follower of Tonis. His base of operations is within Solhaven, and he belongs to a branch one of the most powerful criminal underworld groups in Vornavis, known as the Pegasi, associated with the Temple of Tonis in Solhaven. The Pegasi are smugglers and couriers used by many criminal elements in Solhaven and Vornavis. Anything from Luukosian Deathwort to the forbidden tomes of Ta'Illistim can be acquired through them, for a price.


Rakshakvana's (formerly) Maeramil mother, a chief officer on of one of the many smuggling ships owned by the criminal underground, and manned by the Pegasi, was killed a year after his birth in a gang dispute. He doesn't know his father, but knows he was Araime, and a casual fling for his mother. The guild takes good care of its own, and he wanted for nothing. The youth are regarded as manifestations of Tonis and are treated well, although his training in the ways of smuggling began early, accompanying his mentors, a pair of human "merchants" to Ta'Nalfein and back. This regular work went on for his entire childhood and adolescence. For this reason he is very familiar with the culture of Ta'Nalfein, and is comfortable around other races, especially Elves and Gnomes, many of whom he has helped smuggle out of the Turamzzyrian Empire in order to help them escape the Church of Koars' "justice" for one or another trumped up charge.

He developed his magical skills naturally, at a a very young age, the best time to begin magical training. During his upbringing within the "guild" he showed promising skill in both the elementalism of wizards and the spiritualism of clerics. Feeling a natural attraction to sorcery, he began studying with help from the Temple of Tonis and his adopted family.


You see Rakshakvana the Sorcerer.

He appears to be a Giantman.

He is very tall and has a lithesome, nimble build. He appears to be very young. He has brooding emerald green eyes and pale tan sand-hued skin. He has long, silky bourbon brown hair framing his face in a disheveled, carefree style. He has a well-defined, oblong face and thin, lithely muscled arms and wrists.

He is wearing a hooded gold soutached burnoose, an iron-buckled leather baldric with an ancient witchwood runestaff secured to it, a warped driftwood scabbard, a frayed leather harness, some sun-tooled yellow double leathers inlaid with gold, a simple blued steel wristchain, a pair of vaalin-sigiled silk gloves, a gold leather pegasi-buckled belt, a lapis studded damask pouch, a rust-swept grappling iron looped with sturdy wheat-colored rope, some gold cotton pants patched with squares of suede and a pair of gold leather boots fastened with mithril buckles.


Player name: Izi Ningishzidda

Age: 37

Sex: Female

Marital Status: Widowed

Culture: American Indian (Coast Salish, Colville-Lakota,) European Pioneer and Jewish (Ashkenazi) American.

Genetics: American Indian (25%) Jewish (25%) Irish (25%) Italian (12%) English (6.25%) Dutch-French (6.25%)

Profession: Artist & Occultist

Class: Fine Artist, Scholar


Schools: The Contemporary Realist Academy (Lineaged European Academic Art under Kathryn Manzo,) The Abrahadabra Institute (Hermetic School)

Alts: Aeonelas, Rakshavana, Aethelinda, Najalinda

Website: https://ningishzidda.deviantart.com/