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Imbue boxes take imbeddable/imbedded items created by rangers with Imbue (614) and give them a new long description. There are three types of imbue boxes: one for amulets, one for anklets and bracelets, and one for rods and wands. Imbue boxes sold off-the-shelf are temporary. They can be made permanent by Xerria at her monthly unlocking session or Bazzelwyn at Ebon Gate. They can also be won by playing the games at Ebon Gate.

All imbue boxes are activated using RUB and cost 5 mana to use.

ANALYZE will tell you everything about an imbue box, including whether or not it is permanent and the description of the item it creates. Both the description of the imbue box itself and the items it creates can be altered by any skilled merchant.

MEASURE will indicate how much is remaining in a non-permanent box. Permanent boxes also have special messaging for MEASURE.

You analyze your bamboo contraption and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
This bamboo contraption is a permanent model, that will not degrade with use.

This bamboo contraption will work with imbued bracelets and anklets.  It will produce "a dancing owl-carved bracelet or anklet".
       Long description: "a dancing owl-carved bamboo anklet/bracelet"

A talented merchant could customize the appearance of the items produced from this bamboo contraption, or change the appearance of the contraption itself.  Not every merchant may be able to offer this.
Keep the following in mind when considering customization options:
First and foremost, the products produced MUST remain some sort of natural object.  Tree bark amulets can not become vultite amulets.
The bamboo contraption can not mass produce gems and other fancy materials, so no diamond-encrusted wands.
Simple is best.  Wands and rods should remain some sort of non magical wood, and must remain wands, rods, or batons.   Amulets should keep their non magical tree bark/wooden nature, and bracelets and anklets should always be some sort of natural grass or other suitable substance.

The merchant ALWAYS has the right to deny a request that he or she might feel is out of line.

You can tell that the contraption is as light as it can get and that its pockets could not possibly get any deeper.


>get bracelet
You remove a wiregrass bracelet from in your miner's pack.
>get my con
You remove a tiny bamboo contraption from in your black wool jacket.
>put brac in con
You put a wiregrass bracelet in your bamboo contraption.
>rub con
You sweep your hand across the surface of the bamboo contraption and it produces a hollow rumbling noise followed by a short flash of light leaking from its interior.  You feel a trickle of power flow from your fingertips in to the bamboo contraption.
>get brac in con
You remove a dancing owl-carved bamboo bracelet from in your bamboo contraption.