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Originally posted by LIQUIDWOLF 23 October 2009.

I saw a couple of people asking what the rapture cloak was. Here is the info I have...

~Mikoguchi Chydenar, Jackal Corps.

1: Basic Name - a black rapture cloak

2: Show - The black rapture cloak is not just black, it appears to absorb all light that comes near it leaving it nondescript and indiscernible.

3: Loresong - You detect that the black rapture cloak was created by a truely evil craftsman from pure darkness. You are nearly overwhelmed by the strength of the evil foreboding the cloak portends. You feel massive amounts of your mana being drained into the black rapture cloak!

4: Details - Various messaging dealing with darkness, and foreboding evil...

<<Setzier pulls his black rapture cloak in close, protecting him from the light.

<<Setzier throws his black rapture cloak open wide, spraying rays of blackness as the dark haze enshrouding him disperses.

<<Setzier spreads his black rapture cloak wide, sending dark waves rippling through the area.

<<Setzier slowly runs his hand down his black rapture cloak, causing ripples of pure darkness to roll outward.

<<Setzier wraps his black rapture cloak around himself, causing a dark haze to enshroud him.

<<Eyes on the clasp of Setzier's black rapture cloak flare red as he locks it tightly.

<<Eyes on the clasp of Setzier's black rapture cloak flare red as he unlocks it.

Once worn, it cannot be removed. At least, I don't think it can, as it's been years since I've had it and have tried numerous ways. Even the constable doesn't remove it. If you have items within it, and keep it open/unlocked, the constable will remove all the items out of the cloak, and let you keep the cloak. Guess I'll never be able to go streaking again (like I ever did in the first place!)

5: Where I obtained it: I bought it from a Great Bazaar Auction, where the auctioneer said that it was donated by some Sheruvian Monks.