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Regwen Maritin
Race Dark Elf
Class Bard
Profession Battlechanter
Religion Follower of Ronan
Affiliation(s) Drake Vanguard Officer, House of the Rising Phoenix
Demeanor warm
Flaw too trusting
Hobbies Playing music
Likes Art, music, walks on the beach and a good undead invasion.
Dislikes whining, complaining and jealousy
Best Friend Katiesa,Ephya,Svardin
Spouse Falvicar Jalcon(EX)

Regwen Maritin is a citizen of Wehnimer's Landing. She is a Dark Elf bard and a follower of the Lord Ronan.


She is very tall and has a delicately lithe build. She appears to have come of age. She has long-lashed sea green eyes and lightly tanned skin. She has long, soft, wavy platinum hair with blue dreamstone beads entwined throughout a gathered plait that starts at the crown of her head. She has a delicate face and a classical nose.


Neither of her parents agreed with their respective family's politics. Her father left the House of Faendryl to elope with her Dhe'nar mother. They felt that a fresh start in the Landing area would allow them the freedom and peace they desired. Her parents never mentioned their family's houses, so Regwen grew up without a House; on a small turnip farm. Only after their deaths did Regwen find papers revealing her parents houses.

Regwen grew up sheltered and pampered, training with the best tutors that the Bard Guild could offer. She was one those children who never really had to practice much in order learn a new tune or instrument. Her masters were sometimes harsh in their criticisms as she was quite talented but had no interest in the details of her studies. She felt that their comments were petty and their baton whacks were demeaning. The ticking sound of a metronome would make her cringe.

When Regwen was nearly of age, she felt that she should head out on her own. She thought life would be easy as she was, "just so talented”. Who wouldn't love to hear her play? She would surely be a court performer in no time! She was a follower of Lord Cholen thinking he would surely bless her grand plans. Her parents, being supportive and dreamers themselves, gave her leave to go out on her own.

But, she was very naive and inexperienced with life in general. Regwen learned quickly that the world is not a safe place and that there were many performers vying for the few positions available locally yet alone those in the distant empire. She found that there were few to help her and she struggled with her life lessons. After a particularly grewling time, her parents having been killed by the Jantalorian attacks in 5103, Regwen fell asleep in a deep exhaustion.


Twelve years later, when Regwen woke, she was shocked to see the devastation of the town and declined population. She began to wonder if there could be a greater purpose for her, rather than simply being a performer. Regwen became determined to complete her trainings both as a bard and as a voln master. She decided to follow Lord Ronan, whom she saw as a more engaged Arkati against the unlife and the general evil so prominent in the lands.

While watching trial of Davard and by chance shortly afterward, she crossed paths with High Lord Falvicar the paladin of Ronan. His gallantry and kindness drew her to him and they soon wed in a cathedral wedding officiated by Kathiesa. She was converted to Ronan by the Lord of Dreams himself during a mass prayer session which was led by the Second Watcher of the Church of Koar, Lheren.