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Falvicar Jalcon
AI Generated portrait by the player of Stormyrain
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Race Sylvankind
Culture Tyesteron D'ahranal
Class Paladin, Cleric (formerly)
Profession Blade of the Night, Chronicler of White Haven
Religion Ronanite
Affiliation(s) Order of the Night's Blade
Demeanor usually friendly
Flaw takes on too much at once
Greatest Strength devout to Ronan
Habits spirit beasts battles, reading
Hobbies collecting spirit beasts, forging
Soft Spots Thandyle - his black unicorn, Falvispike - his hedgehog
Likes scotch, wine, coffee, sailing, fighting evil
Dislikes demons, unnecessary bloodshed, evil acts, etc
Fears Failure
Best Friend Avalera, Mohrgan, Katiesa, Luxelle, Gespry, Kobane, Rolfard, Roelon, Roblar, Nairena, Julenne, and many more
Spouse Opalina, Chandrellia, Regwen(EX)
Loved One Oronthal Jalcon, father (deceased)

Falvicar Jalcon is a resident of Icemule Trace who spends time in Wehnimer's Landing. He is a sylvan paladin, and can often be found at the Shrine of Dreams, or at the Hall of the Mind honoring his patron the Lord Ronan. As of late, he spends more time within Icemule Trace due to the current events therein as well as to fight creatures within The Rift. Other times, he may be sailing with his wife if not exploring/fighting the creatures of Moonsedge. He is also an officer of White Haven and member of The Northern Fury.


You see Chronicler Falvicar Jalcon the Blade of the Night.
He appears to be a Sylvankind of the Tyesteron D'ahranal.
He is average height.  He appears to be young.  He has ether blue eyes and golden brown skin.  He has long, sleek black hair peppered with silvery stars and tied back with a silver sword-shaped clasp.  He has a delicate face, a classical nose and slightly pointed ears.  Beneath each of his eyes is a sword, daubed on in kohl pigments.  The blue-black blades point inward, towards one another. He is wearing a flowing night-hued silk cape secured by a polished silvery clasp, a night-hued spidersilk surcoat over some nacreous deep purple platemail inlaid with multitudes of silver stars, a pair of articulated silver gauntlets, a filigreed eonake wedding band with a nightscape motif, an abyssal black vaalin band inset with a scarlet veniom spinner, a thin silver-buckled belt, a silver-bound pure white scabbard with a decorative onyx sword affixed to it, some black silver-buckled trousers embroidered with a rearing silver unicorn on each side, some supple charcoal suede boots with darkened silver star-shaped buckles, and some silver-lined spurs.


Falvicar with his armor and weapons.
AI Generated portrait by the player of Stormyrain
using DeviantArt
Permission Granted for use by Artist Stormyrain

Much of Falvicar's history is shrouded in mystery. He was born to sylvan parents in 4903. As a young sylvan - barely more than a child - Falvicar was separated from them under unknown circumstances in the year 4923. His father's name was Oronthal. Falvicar's father had once been called to the Demonwall to aid against the scourge and help train Golvern Star knights/archers. He returned home and he had planned to take both his wife and little Falvicar with him to Barrett's Gorge, but Falvicar woke up one morning and both of his parents were missing. After a long day, Falvicar did what his father had instructed him to do in such an emergency. He gathered what little belongings he had, and made his way north and eventually found himself within the town of Icemule Trace where he studied religion within the temple. With his parents still no where to be found, he found himself worshiping Lorminstra for a while. As time flew by, he witnessed history that involved Ronan and decided to convert to Ronan since he felt a calling to fight the evil and it was during the Ride_of_the_Red_Dreamer that he fully embraced the calling by becoming a paladin.

He's faced many challenges since then, and has been a staunch ally to Wehnimer's Landing and Icemule Trace in the fight against various foes, including Raznel, a witch who has brought trouble to the region of the Landing since 5110. He has also been in the Shadow Realm a grand total of three times via the history events.

Some story lines he was involved in are:

Council of Ten

Griffin Sword Saga


Cross Into Shadows

The Roots of All Evil

Return to Sunder

Eyes of the Dawn

Witchful Thinking




Falvicar and Mohrgan were initiated into The Order of the Night's Blade by Lord Redding after having been seen fighting demons at the Demon Wall.

This is the logs of the initiation: A Visit from Redding (log)


As Raznel's reign of terror continued into 5119, more information about the witch came to light - some of which would bring the mystery of Falvicar's parents to the forefront. Pylasar, a mage who had taken an unusual interest in Falvicar in recent years, informed him that he knew of what had happened to the sylvan's father: He had been abducted by Raznel and was being used as a paragon to further her dark interests.

Early on the morning of Leyan, day 25 of the month Imaerasta in the year 5119, a group of adventurers that included Falvicar were given a glimpse into Pylasar's memories, and Falvicar uncovered part of the story of his parent's disappearance. They were forcibly taken from their homestead by Peter and Rachel, his father, Oronthal thrown into a wagon by the pair. However, after being deemed unneeded by Raznel, Falvicar's pregnant mother was thrown from a cliff into a ravine, undoubtedly to her death. All the while, young Falvicar was in a field not far, dutifully practicing his swordplay as instructed by his father.

On Feastday, day 28 of the month Imaerasta in the year 5119, Falvicar and a group of adventurers ventured to an imaginary Demonwall and released Falvicar's father from his torture.

Before passing, he told Falvicar that his mother was also a chosen of Ronan, and he passed along his wedding ring, a polished dark silver wedding band, to his son as a keepsake. Falvicar gave his father a white ora dagger in return so that his father would leave this world in battle, as a warrior would. See Witchful Thinking for the story.


Opalina and Falvicar being married under the ecliping moon
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Opalina and Falvicar kissing under the moon
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Opalina and Falvicar kissing under the moon Cartoon
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Falvicar going into battle at night at Icemule
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2022-05-15 - Falvicar and Opalina Wedding Ceremony (LOG)

a silver-framed black vellum invitation bordered with shimmering moons and stars

[TownCrier]-GSIV:Newsby: "[WEDDING BELLS] After 25 years of a solid faithful and trusting friendship, Opalina and Falvicar have discovered a much deeper love. They invite you to celebrate their union and bring the blessings of Koar and Ronan upon them both on Sunday, May 15 at 10pm. "