Reiver Invasion 1997

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From the old site:

The reivers came in hordes, we were not prepared for their battle. The destruction they left upon the town of Wehnimer's was enough to send all townsfolk into a rage. People came from as far as Teras and Ice Mule to witness firsthand what the reivers had done to the Landing. Groups formed by the masses to march to Luinne Bheinn and seek revenge upon the reivers. Below you can see what the reiver's made of the Landing as seen through my eyes.

--Lady Luky, 9/97

[Hearthstone, Moneychanger]
Deep green walls and dark oak furnishings gave this small room an air of gracious sophistication. That was before the reivers raided. Now only broken pieces of wood remain and the dark, bare walls seem to weigh the room down with somberness. You also see a scratched brass strongbox. Also in the room: Lord Elfintoe, Lord Nikai, Lord Thorsen, Lady Cloveres, Lady Tammora, Lord Istvan
Obvious exits: east, out.

[Hearthstone, Gemcutter]
Not much larger than a closet, this tiny shop used to bustle with activity. Heavy-handed reivers have left nothing but the remnants of the old, wooden counter. A few worthless quartz crystals have been stomped to dust in the rush to loot the place. You also see a plain wooden box and an engraved oak box. Also in the room: Ornac
Obvious exits: west, out.

[Tykel's Arms, Showroom]
Glancing about the interior of the shop reveals rusty nails and hooks where weapons used to hang on display. Tykel the Weaponsmith is nowhere to be seen. One can only hope that the reivers have not killed him. The swinging doors seem to be stuck shut. You also see a corroded silver box and a plain iron coffer. Obvious exits: out.

[Town Square, West]
Ahead of you, in the midst of the square, stretches the cobblestoned main bazaar, its serpentine lanes abuzz with traders hawking their wares, bartering, and bickering. The freewheeling vendors in the bazaar provide a welcome alternative to the stylish and expensive merchants whose shops border the square. Before you is the gilded but peeling wood facade of the First Elanith Secure Bank. You also see a gypsy fortuneteller, an engraved maple strongbox, a corroded iron coffer, a patched orange cap and a hastily made sign. Also here: Lord Wolftail, Ferlis, Exjaveir, Angelkitty, Lady Devenya, Lord Falconsure, Lady Keali, Krystiella, Lady Seviella, Lord Nasrin, Maleeki, Warriorworf, Annistasia, Theph, Zakeria
Obvious paths: north, south, east, west.

>go bank

> Some unseen force is preventing you from doing that.

>read sign

It reads: The bank is temporarily closed due to unfortunate circumstances. We shall endeavor to open for business again as soon as possible. Furthermore, we may also have to hire private guards in the future, as it seems we put too much confidence in the citizenry of the Landing to protect our fair town. Any ensuing costs may have to be borne by our customers, unless the mayor's office elects to bear the burden. Our apologies.

[General Store, Salesroom]
Empty tables and shelves add a pathetic air to the general store. The smell of old leather and candlewax mixes with that of sweat and blood. A once-sturdy counter is not so anymore. The reivers have left nothing useful behind. Also in the room: Tyberon, Shattyn, Lady Jezzebella
Obvious exits: out.