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The Reivers are a human race which live in a village called Luinne Bheinn near Wehnimer's Landing. They are sworn enemies of the Krolvin.


One famous Reiver was the town guard of River's Rest, Cotuil. She vanished from her post the same night that the magical transportation log (a means of moving between River's Rest and the Wehnimer's Landing area) was destroyed in a Krolvin raid.

In 5105, a faction of Reivers rose up in a civil conflict supporting a hag known as Hagga. After much strife, Hagga's faction was defeated.

Some adventurers, despite the willingness for peace shown by many Reivers, regularly raided Luinne Bheinn. Strangely enough, some Reivers didn't seem to mind the occasional bout too much--especially if the raider was an engaging female.

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