Revel of the Anfelt

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Revel of the Anfelt was a pay-event that occurred in the spring of 2003. It returned spring of 2006 for a second run.



May 23, 2003 - May 30, 2003

The dwarves of Anfelt Caverns have long been sequestered underground, away from nearby towns and villages, preferring little if any contact with outsiders. Until recently they had been perfectly happy to spend their time making the finest of armor and weapons for each other. They trade them back and forth, admire each other's work, and then make some more. For them, it's a happy life. What little goods they needed from the outside world, they enlisted gnolls to do for them. The creatures were not sophisticated in their trading and sometimes came back with rat skins instead of flour, but all in all, the dwarves were very happy with their lot. Determined to live on their own, they drank the ale they brewed, crafted ever finer weapons and armor, and in the evenings, gathered to sing a tavern song or two.

This system worked for generations, but, gnollish greed upset the balance. The gnolls tried to convince the dwarves to trade their goods in the outside world, and to let the gnolls be their agents, taking, of course, only a small commission.

The dwarves refused this offer, taking it as the worst kind of extortion, and the gnolls have been fighting with them ever since. Mind you, a well-armed dwarf has little to worry about from a gathering of gnolls, but without the little creatures to do their trading, the dwarves of Anfelt Caverns must now do what they have sworn for generations they would never do--they are coming above ground! They will be selling their wares in order to make enough money to lay in supplies for generations to come.

So, come and look over the armor, shields, weaponry and gear, vie for merchant services, and be ready to fend off the odd gnoll or two who may get in the merchants' way! Meet the dwarves of Anfelt Caverns, trade with them, and marvel at the gleam along a sharp edge, the pounding weight of a good hammer, the perfect symmetry of a fine shield. If your desire is the perfect pair of pink lace gloves for your favorite old aunt, don't come here! But if you want to see the largest variety of armor and weapons ever assembled in once place, this is it!


Platinum: April 7, 2006 – April 14, 2006
Prime: April 21, 2006 – April 28, 2006

Deep within the bowels of the mountains, dwarves fight against gnolls over the war of the century -- silver. The dwarves of Anfelt Caverns still have not found a solution to the striking gnolls who sell their wares to the outside world. So, they have taken the matter into their own crafting hands once again!

The Revel of the Anfelt is a celebration of dwarven life, culture, and the most important aspect of all -- weapons and armor! Come join the party and meet the dwarves of the Anfelt Caverns. Don't mind the odd gnoll that strays in as you buy, barter, and browse the finest fighting gear you've ever seen. If you desire pretty pink undies stitched with hearts, you're in the wrong place! But if you're hankerin' for some smashing, and droolin' like a fool for metal, the dwarves of the Anfelt Caverns have highest quality stockpile of armor and weapons for sale you'll ever see!

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