Rise of Rone - 5118-02-03 - Plans of Rone, Plans of Stephos (log)

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Fashanos 3-4, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Rone quotes words spoken at Lana's funeral, says that Cruxophim's pardons don't forgive sins, and says he is a monster like another who once held his office. (Presumed to be Mayor Walkar.) He says those of sin around Crux will suffer first, then he'll come for Crux and it won't be swift.
  • Later in the night, two dozen horses with riders approach North Gate and Ayred also appears with them before Stephos DeArchon arrives to greet them. Ayred passes Stephos a yellow shard.
  • The riders are Stephos' hired help, a new plan of his since Crux didn't want to release prisoners as was the previous proposed plan. Stephos assures Puptilian, Stormyrain, and Shinann that his men will behave themselves.
  • Stephos ends the night by expressing hope that the "vigilante business will be behind us... sooner than we expect"


Vigilante Vendetta Vows

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep.

A muffled voice echoes from the obscurity of the snow, "And always, may we seek and secure justice. And we shall. We shall find justice and ultimate closure."

You uncertainly repeat, "Ultimate closure?"

Marijka absently agrees, "Closure. Closure would be nice."

Mollan exclaims, "Can you point you to people that need justice!"

Nehor dryly quips, "A swan song? A final performance of this...assassin in white?"

Speaking to Nehor, Ysharra says, "If you don't learn some decorum, it's going to be much bigger and sharper than a barb."

Speaking happily to Goblyn, Pukk says, "I think somebody is going to lose a limb tonight."

Speaking offendedly to Ysharra, Nehor retorts, "I am the very model of decorum and propriety!"

You recall hearing those words before.

Evia says, "Amazed I heard that in all this noise."

Speaking to Nehor, Ysharra says, "Then throw that model away, it's clearly broken."

Goblyn yells, "Do not forget to buy some poisons later!"

You uncertainly say, "I feel like I've heard those words before, but..."

You idly say, "Can't remember where."

Cruxophim confusedly ventures, "Is he... proselytizing?"

Albanus says, "It might be "Rone's" fan club out there, mutterings in the storm."

Stonmel says, "Good, now those here can take action against the murderer once he kills the Mayor."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Stonmel says, "Nothing by it."

Speaking offhandedly to Stonmel, you say, "I think most would rather take action beforehand."

Speaking dryly to Stonmel, Nehor muses, "Why is it that we always mete out justice AFTER the deed is done? Has he not threatened enough to warrant action?"

Speaking to Nehor, Marijka says, "Because justice before anything's done isn't justice."

Stonmel says, "Before would be nice, yet, it has not happened. I'm simply being pragmatic."

Speaking absently to Marijka, Cruxophim admits, "Also true."

Rubi says, "I'm sure Crux has a plan of some sort to deal with him if he does attack."

Speaking to Marijka, Ysharra says, "Justice is another way of spelling righteous."

Speaking absently to Rubi, Cruxophim remarks, "Something like that."

Speaking quietly to Rubi, Pukk says, "He will eat him."

Evia says, "Let us seek justice with snowballs."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Stonmel says, "Just do the town a favor, and when the blade strikes you down, try and fall in a way that hampers the killer's movements so we can better bring 'em to justice."

Speaking absently to Stonmel, Cruxophim assures, "Oh, believe me... I will drag him down to hell with me, if at all possible to do so."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Albanus says, "Just stuff yourself with donuts. When he opens you up, they'll explode violently at him and stun him for a moment."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Rubi says, "Everyone seems to assume this guy will actually succeed in killing you."

Kipara says, "It seems perhaps action has inspired more action."

Kipara says, "I don't think there will be one person to catch."

Speaking heartily to Cruxophim, Chamorr says, "They is already preppin fer yer demise."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Talinvor adds, "With that sort of preparation, I wonder if I should see my death before night's end."

A muffled voice echoes from the obscurity of the snow, "And always, may we seek and secure justice. And we shall. We shall find justice and ultimate closure."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Albanus says, "Don't worry, we'll have a grand funeral for you."

Puptilian yells, "Who is WE!"

Speaking heartily to Cruxophim, Chamorr says, "After the Rone whacks ya, kin I have yer wings."

The voice of Aetammel disappointedly says, "The acoustics in this street echo far too much."

Speaking to Puptilian, Albanus says, "Rone's fans."

Hapenlok says, "Well, all this rampant vigilantism reminds me of an incident I had in Krinklehorn...once."

Goldstr asks, "Closure to wha?"

Speaking to Puptilian, Albanus says, "That'd be my guess."

Vulpecular says, "We certainly are taking our time with the dispensing of justice."

Mourne murmurs, "I'm not so sure there's such a thing as ultimate closure."

Cruxophim absently wonders, "Why does that sounds familiar?"

Speaking to Chamorr, Goblyn asks, "His wings are for me, yes?"

Cryheart asks, "Walkar?"

Hapenlok says, "But that's a story for another time."

You venture, "Maybe we should go make inquiries somewhere? I don't know that whoever's speaking will come to us?"

Vulpecular says, "Perhaps they are gathering their courage."

Deckits says, "Likely whomever is.. controlling this Rone phantasm."

Kipa asks, "He on the roof?"

A muffled voice echoes from the obscurity of the snow, "May the spirit of her music play forever."

Speaking amusedly to Chamorr, Cruxophim reminds, "They're Goblyn's, so no, alas."

Maags says, "I know who said that."

Cruxophim disapprovingly mutters, "As I thought."

Goldstr asks, "Lana?"

Cryheart asks, "Whom did, Maags?"

Speaking offhandedly to Chamorr, Goblyn offers, "If I cannot make them stick to my back, maybe then you can have them."

Talinvor asks, "Lute?"

Cruxophim grimly states, "Lana's funeral."

You suddenly say, "Oh."

Rubi asks, "Lana?"

Pukk quietly says, "Oh, I thought somebody called me Lute again."

Cryheart says, "Whom said that at Lana's funeral...as I missed it."

Speaking heartily to Goblyn, Chamorr says, "Makes a door mat fer the house wif dem."

Speaking to Rubi, Lylia says, "Lana was a young woman who was killed here some months ago, bringing the death toll to..."

(Lylia makes a show of counting on her fingers.)

Speaking to Rubi, you explain, "The niece of Lute, who runs the music shop. She was killed by... Dennet or Quinshon, I forget which."

Speaking absently to Rubi, Cruxophim explains, "A victim of Dennet's, Lute the music store owner's niece, I believe?"

Meureii asks, "Two at that time I think aye?"

Albanus says, "Mayhaps we will find something at the cemetary, speaking of funerals."

Evia says, "Don't think I attended that."

Lylia says, "Well, quite a few, at any rate."

You mutter, "Or both."

Speaking wryly to you, Cruxophim opines, "Same difference, really."

Cryheart says, "I dinnae either."

Maags says, "But."

Maags says, "Why."

Speaking thoughtfully to you, Cruxophim corrects, "Although I suppose in a sense, not..."

Marijka observes, "Well, if the vigilante is planning to recover Dennet's body to obtain final closure, I for one am all in favour."

Goldstr says, "Tonks Lana was kilt by Nairomai."

Speaking to Marijka, Hapenlok says, "I just want the head."

Cruxophim grouses, "Still no luck wih that."

Speaking to Marijka, Ysharra says, "It would be little more than bone by now."

Talinvor says, "Here is a thought. Perhaps this vigilante is not just.. ONE."

The voice of Rekarth says, "One hopes that the vigilante brought a shovel."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Marijka advises, "You're at least fourth in line."

Speaking ruefully to Marijka, Cruxophim grouses, "Still haven't managed to dig it up."

Reaching over his shoulder, Cruxophim draws his wrotwood shovel from a series of straps on the back of his black harness.

Cruxophim plants his wrotwood shovel into the soil, leaning on it for a moment's rest.

Ysharra says, "And a crowbar."

Hapenlok says, "And Naimorai....Raznel? ...I've got a vested interest in making sure that we do the job right this time."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Maags says, "Finallies."

Talinvor says, "Mmhm."

Hapenlok says, "All that matters now. None of this?"

Speaking amusedly to Hapenlok, Meureii asks, "Perhaps one day you'll just give yourself to her and be done with it?"

Cryheart says, "Oh wait."

Cryheart blinks.

Cryheart says, "I said that one part."

Cryheart nods at Maags.

Maags raises an eyebrow in Cryheart's direction.

Hapenlok says, "None of this matters."

Speaking thoughtfully to Talinvor, Cruxophim opines, "We've considered that, but... it really feels like the work of one errant individual."

Cryheart says, "I said that at the graveyard."

Evia asks, "You did?"

Cryheart says, "The part of her spirit playing forever."

Cryheart nods at Evia.

Hapenlok says, "But anyway. We're talking about the future."

Cryheart says, "I also said May Koar direct us to serve that justice."

Admist the thickness of the falling and swirling snow, a figure seems to keep appearing, and reappearing.

The voice of Rone deeply says, "Blood is on your hands Mayor."

Cruxophim whispers to the group, "We really need to find that ethereal mist."

Sivacmar says, "Ah, a haunting."

Madmountan moves over to Cruxophim and stands ready to protect him from attack.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Sivacmar asks, "Did you not wash your hands today?"

Marijka boredly says, "Yes, yes, we heard you the first twelve times."

Rubi says, "He knows, disembodied voice. He needs to wash his hands after he eats."

Cruxophim calmly reports, "Actually, not at the moment. Oh, wait, suppose you are right."

You sigh, "Just get it over with if you even think you can, 'Rone.' This is a bit much."

Cryheart asks, "Now...why would that figure repeat what I said?"

Xorus asks, "Only his hands?"

Speaking to Cruxophim, Ysharra says, "Blood is in most our veins, you'd hope."

Cruxophim attends to his articulated gauntlets, making the gauntlets as presentable as possible.

(OOC) Cruxophim's player whispers to the group, "His hands are covered in a thin layer of bright red blood."

Albanus says, "Come on out "Rone". You need to turn yourself in to the authorities."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Xorus says, "You were bathing in blood just last night if I recall."

Cruxophim calmly inquires, "What game are you at, Rone?"

Hapenlok says, "You know, this is all highly amusing, 'Rone Wehnimer' but, at the rate you're going? For true justice? You'd have to depopulate this town."

Beldannon softly says, "It seems that these people must always be so dramatic."

Speaking to Xorus, Ysharra asks, "Oh, is the office open again?"

Speaking dubiously to Xorus, Goblyn asks, "Is that not every night?"

Cryheart says, "I dinnae think tis Rone."

Nehor loudly declares, "The build up of tension is being lain on a bit too thick, Sir White Assassin. Best not to leave an audience waiting. On with the Show!"

Hapenlok says, "Such a thought has occured to me recently, but it's fruitless."

Speaking wryly to Cryheart, Cruxophim asserts, "You are right, it is not."

Albanus says, "It's not the real Rone, no. It's the name he's going by."

Speaking to Goblyn, Xorus says, "It would maybe be what makes sense. Yes."

Speaking to Beldannon, Lylia asks, "If someone were truly to take out the worst among us, why would it need to be a grand production? Would it not be more effective to work as subtly as an incipient plague rather than seeking attention in such a fashion?"

Pukk yells, "Come on out Rone. Ney said he wants to duel you!"

Speaking to Xorus, Goblyn says, "Blood or bodies, maybe, yes."

Albanus says, "Easier to call him something than nothing...."

Cryheart asks, "But why repeat what I recited?"

Cruxophim calmly inquires, "What do you want, then?"

The voice of Rone deeply says, "You've let corruption breed."

Speaking to Cryheart, Rubi says, "He's trying to make you uncomfortable and lower your guard."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Albanus says, "I daresay he wants you, Mayor."

Madmountan says, "Everything breeds."

Hapenlok says, "Stennis was far worse in some respects."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Kipara says, "I think he wants to make a scene."

Lylia asks, "Oh? Cruxophim, do you have children? Have we let corruption breed?"

Sivacmar says, "I've seen the mating rituals of Corruption. I wouldn't get in between that, either."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Marijka says, "Breeding? With Goblyn? You sly dog."

Maags says, "They are not married yet."

Cruxophim disinterestedly remarks, "I've let people be free, as they want to be.... as they expect to be here. No one comes to the Landing expecting the heavy yoke of Imperialism."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Nehor suggests, "Now would be the part of the story where the Hero makes a grand gesture, either slaying the evil one or offering himself as sacrifice."

Speaking to Maags, Subarashi asks, "Since when has that stopped anybody?"

The voice of Rone deeply says, "Your pardons do not forgive the sins of others."

Speaking heartily to Cruxophim, Chamorr says, "First good thing ya said in awhile."

Speaking to Subarashi, Maags says, "Has to uh..."

Madmountan says, "Not sure your murders do either."

Ysharra says, "So you object to the De'Archons."

Evia asks, "What?"

You lightly agree, "Well, yes, there is a difference between law and morality..."

The voice of Rone deeply says, "Allowing the murder of others will not prevent you from suffering your own justified fate."

Speaking amusedly to Cruxophim, Albanus says, "Makes me wonder how long he's been shadowing you."

Cruxophim curiously inquires, "You're upset that I have pardoned people? What of those who made mistakes that the wish to attone for? What happened to some measure of forgiveness?"

Madmountan says, "Seems like the pot calling the kettle black to me."

Rubi says, "That sounds kind of hypocritical, disembodied voice."

Nehor dryly quips, "Neither will it prevent us from suffering from this...dialogue."

Stonmel says, "Everyone just be ready to take the murderer down once he strikes for the Mayor, don't stand there and debate the ethics with him til he runs off... again."

Speaking to Stonmel, Hapenlok says, "I'm actually enjoying this."

Pukk quietly exclaims, "Oh yeah. Your mother!"

Hapenlok says, "I need popcorn."

Chamorr heartily says, "Hey Rone, go or get off da pot."

Rhayveign says, "Oh the irony."

Goblyn offers Hapenlok a green-veined gooey red heart.

Hapenlok declines Goblyn's offer.

The voice of Rone deeply says, "You have murdered in the dark of night. Faces and names of no importance. You are as monster as the other who once held your office."

Speaking to Stonmel, Albanus says, "If he strikes like he did previously, he won't leave himself open for reprisal."

Cruxophim curiously wonders, "And who's going to mete out justice to you for your crimes? For the blood YOU'VE spilt?"

Speaking to Hapenlok, Goblyn says, "It is like popcorn."

Maags says, "Voice of Rone yous has no right to be above our laws and take the law to youself here."

Rubi says, "Being a vigilante and killing people for justice is one thing, but that forfeits your right to judge other people for killing."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Goblyn says, "You will just take little bites is all."

Speaking to Goblyn, Hapenlok says, "...no, i haven't reached that level of hunger yet. but thanks though."

Nehor whimsically muses, "Which will kill the Mayor first? The spirit of Rone's blades, or his endless monologue?"

Marijka asks, "If that's the case, why are we so focused on the current mayor and ignoring the previous one?"

Madmountan asks, "Rone, YOU have murdered in the dark of night. The hell you talking about?"

Cruxophim coldly reminds, "I've made no secrete of being a monster. Unlike some, I don't lie to myself."

Kipara says, "Maybe the office is cursed, as are the men who hold it."

Puptilian says, "The shadow references Walkar, not me."

Cryheart asks, "Hmm..is Rone speaking in generalities..or pointing the finger at one person?"

Speaking to Cryheart, Rubi says, "I think a little of both."

The voice of Rone deeply says, "You did not lift a finger to find her."

Speaking to Cryheart, Madmountan says, "He's talking to Crux at the moment."

Speaking to Cryheart, Rubi says, "He's trying to make an example of him."

Speaking quietly to Cryheart, Pukk says, "I think he was pointing at you."

The voice of Rone deeply says, "You didn't blink when she died."

Cruxophim coldly asserts, "You are wrong."

You uncertainly ask, "To find who?"

Ysharra says, "That's categorically false."

Speaking boredly to Ysharra, Nehor replies, "A standard trope of a poor villain actor."

Ysharra says, "I was on one of the searches."

Cruxophim calmly inquires, "If you know so much, then, what did YOU do to stop it? To help her?"

Speaking to a forest wolf, Puptilian asks, "Can you find him Aatu. Find this voice from the shadows?"

A forest wolf snorts the ground hungrily.

Ysharra says, "And I went to her wake, which the Mayor organized."

Cryheart says, "Sic em, Aatu."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Albanus asks, "Who is the "she" that he is referring to?"

Speaking to a forest wolf, Puptilian asks, "Where?"

Ysharra asks, "When did one of the previous mayors have a service for a poor inhabitant, prior to Cruxophim?"

Speaking calmly to Albanus, Cruxophim informs, "Lana, Lute's neice."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Albanus says, "Sounds like a lot of death is being placed on your head."

You frustratedly say, "Rone, none of us were able to find Lana--and not for lack of trying. This is all a misunderstanding, I think."

Speaking quietly to Ysharra, Nehor remarks, "I'd not say that speaks in the Mayors favor. Wasting money on commoners like that?"

Speaking to Nehor, Ysharra asks, "Trying for a gut wound, are you?"

Speaking wearily to Albanus, Cruxophim repeats, "Again, I'm used to it. I make no secret of being a monster, all I can do it hope to channel that in defense of our town."

Speaking heartily to Cruxophim, Chamorr says, "Not to worry, if he was serious, you'd be dead already."

Speaking stiffly to Ysharra, Nehor declares, "Ive done naught amiss! I bring light and life to this churlish town."

Talinvor asks, "Did Lana have a betrothed?"

Speaking calmly to Chamorr, Cruxophim remarks, "He seems to think he's serious."

Speaking to Chamorr, Rubi asks, "You think he's all talk?"

Hapenlok says, "You know...."

Lylia says, "She was a girl. I should hope not."

Speaking to Nehor, Ysharra says, "I'm just saying, I don't think vigilantes stay very focused. They have to keep killing in order to maintain their notoriety."

Talinvor asks, "A girl?"

Speaking heartily to Rubi, Chamorr says, "Well, he wasted no time whackin dem others."

You agree, "Aye, a young girl."

Speaking to Nehor, Ysharra asks, "If they run out of clerks that are thieves, why not playwrights who say things they don't want broadcast?"

Speaking to Ysharra, Marijka says, "One would think that itself would be reason to stay focused."

Speaking dryly to Ysharra, Nehor drawls, "Only if they stick to small time gigs. As a playwright...one grand performance can last one a whole year."

Lylia says, "If she is the one I am thinking of, yes, she seemed quite young. Between ten and fifty, no more than that, surely." [I... think this was meant to be ten and fifteen, but I'm leaving it as is in case Lana was a half-elf or some other race where fifty would still be young. I don't remember.]

Speaking quietly to Cryheart, Pukk says, "I think it is the prelate."

Pukk appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Albanus demands, "Enough talk Rone, give yourself up to the law!"

Cryheart asks, "How old was Lana?"

Speaking to Chamorr, Rubi says, "On the contrary, he could have things so well in hand that he feels he can waste time goading him."

(OOC) Cryheart's player whispers to the group, "How old was Lana?"

Evia says, "Younger than Lylia by scores of decades."

Cruxophim surreptitiously wonders, "Have you had your fill of killing, then? Have you realized the error of your ways? Why not come out of the shadows and seek the justice you seem so fond of going on about."

(OOC) Ysharra's player whispers to the group, "I want to say 19, 20."

Shinann says, "Close to twenty, I think."

Speaking disdainfully to Albanus, Nehor informs, "The Law? He'd have to go to the Empire, I think. The law here doesnt know how to protect its citizens or catch criminals."

The voice of Rone deeply says, "It is not over."

(OOC) Cruxophim's player whispers to the group, "I don't think we really knew, I got the impression teenager or some such."

Evia asks, "What is not over?"

You clarify, "-What- isn't over?"

Cruxophim coldly assures, "No, it is not."

The voice of Rone deeply says, "It has just begin. Your roots have been allowed to run deep."

Ysharra says, "Thanks to the corruption riddled in Lorminstra's temple, it's rarely over for most of us."

Speaking to you, Rubi says, "This ceaseless taunting."

Pukk quietly says, "Or you can stay in the shadows and let us take odds on who is next...."

Nehor acidly complains, "This show needed to end a few acts ago."

Talinvor says, "The most passionate of revenges, is one borne of love."

Evia says, "Hmm....roots huh."

Flity says, "Deep roots are good."

Speaking dryly to Rubi, you say, "Well, yes, but maybe something other than that too..."

Hapenlok says, "Looks like this person -is- going to depopulate the town."

Goldstr whispers to the group, "I believe Lana bit above Teen but not much more."

Madmountan says, "Roots. Now, that's amusing."

Meranda says, "And served cold."

Speaking to Talinvor, Ysharra says, "You have a point."

Zosopage says, "Says the man in hiding."

Talinvor asks, "How.. do people not know this?"

Xorus wryly says, "That is what the trees do. They are trees."

Puptilian says, "Come out of the shadows. What you are doing is no better then the ones you accuse of evil."

Chamorr heartily says, "Hey Rone, me thinks yer all talk."

Pukk quietly says, "Let's all lay odds on who is next."

Nehor solemnly quotes, "The best revenge is to be unlike one's enemy."

The voice of Bekke mildly says, "I'm really not doing a thing."

Stonmel annoyedly says, "Can you preach the manifesto from your cell already ya bloody psychopath? Get on with it so you can be caught."

Speaking to Pukk, Flity asks, "What are the odds?"

Meranda says, "Again served cold."

Speaking to Talinvor, Ysharra says, "And he was a passionate sort."

The voice of Rone deeply says, "Those of sin around you will suffer first, and you will only be able to watch. Then justice will come to you."

Speaking softly to Zosopage, Balley says, "I see he can talk the talk, I wonder if he can walk the walk. Seems like hidden one has secrets of his own."

Pukk quietly says, "I will have to remember who all died first."

Speaking to Ysharra, Talinvor says, "And the candy woman was on south ring road as well."

Cruxophim calmly agrees, "What you are doing, taking the law into your own hands, is wrong. You have left the path of nobility and justice, and strayed far into the realm of terrorism."

The voice of Rone deeply says, "It will not be swift Mayor."

The voice of Rone deeply says, "But it will be everything you deserve."

Nehor boredly drawls, "Sin? Well then, maybe I am in danger."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Marijka asks, "Oh, now we're getting somewhere. Who sins around you?"

Hapenlok says, "You know, spirit of Rone Wehnimer? ...perhaps the corruption you speak of started with your namesake. Not everyone who came here has an angelic reputation as you pretend to have."

Mourne murmurs, "Who doesn't?"

Puptilian says, "This is not the way of justice. This is just as evil."

Ysharra asks, "You're going to kill more town clerks and leave them in ditches?"

Nehor airily wonders, "Is being grand a sin, though?"

Speaking quietly to Cruxophim, Pukk says, "I think you have a stalker...he must be a rogue..."

Guennwhfar asks, "Who diesn't?"

Cruxophim wryly retorts, "Oh, so... I'm a monster and don't care about anyone, but the people I supposedly don't care about will suffer? Got it."

The voice of Bekke asks, "Who are you to judge sin, by the way?"

Rhayveign says, "Yer enjoyin' the attention, otherwise ya'd get yer killin' over with. I do find it entertainin' that yer on some soapbox about killin's... in the midst of takin' lives, spillin' blood, guttin' people, and so on. Yer a heck of a role-model."

Cruxophim calmly goads, "You can end this, right now. I'm right here."

Speaking coolly to Bekke, Nehor replies, "He's the one with the knives."

Meranda asks, "Is it a contest?"

Speaking to Meranda, Guennwhfar says, "All life is a contest."

Cruxophim calmly repeats, "If you want me, come and claim me."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Ysharra says, "That's my line."

Cryheart yells, "Can ye sing or play an instrument, Rone?"

Speaking to Shinann, Stormyrain murmurs, "Clearly this vigilante does not know our Mayor well."

Hapenlok says, "...I'm not one of those innocent souls....and I'm rather sure you're going to try to take me down at some point. Don't expect to come out of it unscathed."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Albanus says, "Sounds like he's going to drag this out with your friends and associates."

Chamorr heartily says, "Hey Rone, quit yer slackin and get to whackin."

The voice of Rone deeply says, "Many wish justice done, few can do it properly."

Speaking to Meranda, Guennwhfar says, "The prize is continued existence."

Madmountan says, "Including him."

Zosopage asks, "Justice?"

Ysharra says, "You think what you've done is proper? A funny definition."

Zosopage says, "Not all crimes merit murder."

Speaking to Guennwhfar, Meranda says, "Oh thats a prize."

Rubi says, "You are not one of those few, Rone. Justice can't be made personal, or it isn't justice anymore."

Balley softly says, "I do not think he is afraid to show his face."

Hapenlok says, "Justice."

Nehor agrees, "Well the...verbose spirit did say one thing I happen to agree with."

Rubi says, "It's only vengeance, which is different."

Speaking to Nehor, Bekke says, "I really have no idea what's going on."

Balley softly says, "He is terrified to show us."

Hapenlok says, "No such thing. A lesson I re-learned the previous night."

Ysharra asks, "What does your father think of all this, Rone?"

Speaking curtly to Bekke, Nehor informs, "It shows."

Speaking to Bekke, Marijka says, "It's fine, the vigilante doesn't have any idea what's going on either."

The galloping of horses can be heard in the distance.

Speaking quietly to Hapenlok, Pukk says, "I missed on seeing you in stocks...that must have really made you happy."

Puptilian says, "You call this justice? Before it was just you now it's "we". Last time we heard "we" it was the Rooks and the Faithkeepers who both did more damage then good."

Balley softly says, "Only cowards hide in the shadows or people who have things to hide."

Suddenly, the figure within the thickness of snow disappears.

Speaking to Pukk, Hapenlok says, "Not especially."

Stephos' Backup Plan

[Wehnimer's, Outside Gate]

Citizens, merchants and assorted dregs of society jostle against you before the great wooden gates of Wehnimer's Landing. Harried guards and militiamen try to keep the chaos to a minimum, but it is hard to keep track of those entering, let alone leaving, this large trading post. A dirt path encircling the wooden palisade of the town leads east and southwest. Nailed prominently to the wooden wall beside the gate is a sign you really should read. You also see the Wayside inn.

As the snow begins to lessen some, the cold winds still blow. Faintly illuminated by the glow of the moon, some riders on horseback can be seen, obscured by the shadow of night.

Guennwhfar whispers to the group, "Since horses don't exist on Elanthia, I am really curous what they are riding."

[everyone brings up the various undead horses around the Landing, amidst discussion about not having mounts despite the mount verb, etc.]

Guennwhfar whispers to the group, "Ok, living horses currently don't exist."

(OOC) Cruxophim's player whispers to the group, "Horses exist, just not for US... heh."

The riders approach on horses, and as they come in closer, you see they are all garbed in dark leather or armor and helms. Sweeping onyx-hued capes trail down from the riders shoulders, and the moonlight captures the hilts of countless blades on each. They riders, nearly two dozen, come to a stop a safe distance from the gate and crowd.

One of the horses looks directly at Guennwhfar and you think it smiles.

Cruxophim calmly states, "Hail, and well met."

Cryheart yells, "Hail riders, we cannae see ye in the snow yet!"

Near the back of the troop, another figure appears and slowly dismounts from behind one of the riders. The figure is half-elven, and his eyes are albino pink, and his alabaster skin matches the snow on the ground. Scars run along his neck and hands. His mouth is disfigured, his lips seemingly melded together and tiny bits of wires are woven into his cheeks.

Ayred nods.

J>look ayred

You see Ayred.

He appears to be a Half-Elf.

He is average height. He appears to be very young. He has pale pink eyes and milky white skin. He has long, bone white hair tied back in a ponytail. He has a straight nose and scars along his neck and hands. He has scars along his bare feet and his mouth is disfigured, his lips seemingly melded together and tiny bits of wires woven into his cheeks.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing an old silver-hued pouch, and a long flowing ivory robe.

Semiera mouths, "Who is he?"

Speaking to Semiera, Puptilian says, "A friend of Alendrial."

Lord Stephos just came through some reinforced wooden gates.

Speaking calmly to Stephos, Cruxophim greets, "Lord DeArchon, guests you were expecting?"

Stephos says, "Ah, Ayred. Welcome...finally."

Speaking flatly to Stephos, Albanus says, "Oh good, friends of yours."

Cruxophim whispers to the group, "Ayred has worked for Stephos and Alendrial in the past, certainly. He has some... odd abilities."

Speaking to Albanus, Stormyrain offers, "Actually, one of Alendrial's. And regardless of any relationship with Stephos, Ayred was quite instrumental in aiding half-elves during the time of Chaston's insanity."

Stephos smiles.

Ayred gestures, and a pocket of white energy rips open before him, and he reaches his hand inside for a moment, quickly retrieving a small yellow shard. He nods, and the small portal opens, and he hands it to Stephos who quickly stowes it away.

Stephos says, "Thank you Ayred."

Stephos turns to the riders.

Stephos says, "You may head into town riders. Your quarters have been prepared and you shall be further prepped in the morning."

Speaking casually to Ayred, Cruxophim greets, "Well, welcome then, I suppose."

The main rider nods and they ride in through the gates and disappear into town.

Stephos says, "She'll be happy to know you're in town."

Stephos nods at Ayred.

Ayred nods.

Ayred bows.

Ayred just went through some reinforced wooden gates.

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra asks, "Did he have the plague?"

Stephos peers quizzically at Ysharra.

Stephos asks, "Ayred?"

Stephos says, "No."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "The scars on his mouth."

Stephos says, "He was tortured for who he is."

Stephos says, "The riders are some help I've hired."

Speaking wryly to Stephos, Cruxophim remarks, "Aye, suppose one can't be too careful with this maniac running about."

Stephos says, "You did not seem so keen on my leveraging prisoners."

Cryheart asks, "Stephos...may I ask what the yellow shard is for?"

Stephos says, "So I have constructed a new plan."

Speaking calmly to Stephos, Cruxophim states, "No, we're looking into other options."

Stephos looks over at Cryheart and shakes his head.

Stephos says, "Sadly, Sir Cryheart, I shall not divulge yet."

Stephos says, "But you will see soon enough."

Cryheart nods at Stephos.

Cryheart says, "I see."

Speaking to Hlendril, Subarashi says, "I'm fairly sure he just described mercenaries. Or at least caravan guards, but they seemed rather well armed for that."

Stephos says, "I wouldn't wish to give the vigilante the upper hand."

Stephos says, "More than it already has."

Speaking gently to Stephos, Cruxophim explains, "I cannot, in good conscience, use that plan."

Stephos says, "They are mercenaries, yes."

Stephos says, "Some may have been knights, but, they've done some very unknightly things."

Stephos chuckles.

Cruxophim whispers something to Stephos.

Stephos whispers something to Cruxophim.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Puptilian asks, "Are we not giong to use our own Town Guard to capture the shadow or are we going to allow any ole merc come and try to capture him? Are these mercs at least going to follow the law in doing so?"

Stephos says, "We will always follow laws, I assure you, old mayor."

Speaking slowly to Puptilian, Cruxophim wonders, "And have they succeeded yet? No, I think not."

Stephos grins at Puptilian.

Stephos nods at Thrassus. [either a whispered exchange or I missed what prompted this]

Stephos whispers something to Thrassus.

Thrassus nods at Stephos.

Speaking to Stephos, Rubi asks, "So you plan to stop Rone from murdering half the town in order to get to Crux?"

Speaking patiently to Puptilian, Cruxophim reminds, "No one is taking him, much less some ordinary town guards, without negating that ethereal mist first."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Puptilian asks, "Its different if the town government hired help compare to some citizen. Would you be ok if I hired a large group or maybe a whole set of knights come in to clean up without the mayor and council approval?"

Stephos says, "I intend to protect myself and my interests, if the vigilante happens to become a threat, of course my men will...defend themselves."

Speaking slowly to Puptilian, Cruxophim observes, "It's like, 12 knights."

Cruxophim peers quizzically at Puptilian.

Puptilian shrugs.

Stephos says, "They're not going to go door to door and break into homes. They're not Hendorans."

Stephos smirks.

Speaking slowly to Puptilian, Cruxophim ventures, "Are you that concerned about 12 people. We keep an open gate for a reason."

Nehor absently declares, "Why even have a militia or guard at this point? Factions of various interests just war with abandon in the streets."

Puptilian says, "Thadston never did that."

Stephos says, "Two dozen."

Stephos nods at Cruxophim.

Speaking sternly to Cruxophim, Nehor instructs, "You really need to get a handle on things, sirrah."

Speaking wryly to Stephos, Cruxophim mutters, "Hopefully, those days are done regardless."

Stephos asks, "War?"

Stephos asks, "Who said anything of war in the streets?"

Speaking to Cruxophim, Puptilian says, "You are mayor, you make the choices so if you feel it's safe for the people so be it. I'm just a lowly ranger asking a question."

Speaking gently to Puptilian, Cruxophim muses, "Of course."

Stephos says, "Oh, I thought you meant my mercenaries."

Stephos nods at Cruxophim.

Stephos says, "I brought in a little over two dozen."

Stephos says, "For now."

Speaking idly to Stephos, Nehor muses, "What would you think will happen... a violent assassin and his supporters...and then a group of mercenaries to oppose them enter the town. Shall they have a sit down chat, perhaps?"

Speaking amusedly to Stephos, Cruxophim suggests, "Well, don't go overboard with it, and I'm sure it will be fine."

Speaking excitedly to Stephos, Hlendril asks, "Mercenares?"

Hlendril asks, "Oh, what band?"

Hlendril says, "I have a lota respect from Mercenaries."

Hlendril says, "For I am one."

Stephos says, "Bandless."

Stephos nods at Hlendril.

Stephos grins.

Stephos says, "They're far more motivated by results than labels."

Stephos says, "I assure you, Captains.."

Stephos nods at Shinann.

Stephos nods at Stormyrain.

Stephos says, "My men will behave themselves."

Speaking gently to Puptilian, Cruxophim relents, "It's a fine concern, of course, and an understandable one."

Stormyrain says, "Mhm."

Speaking to Talinvor, Puptilian says, "I tend to go by people earning trust and not just giving it freely. This town trusted to muc in the past and it had caused lots of issues. I rather not have the mistakes of the past repeated."

Shinann nods at Stephos.

Cruxophim nods absently at Puptilian.

Stormyrain says, "If they do not, they will be subject to the law the same as anyone else within the gates of our town."

Stormyrain looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.

Goblyn whispers something to Stephos.

Stephos says, "Rightfully so."

Goblyn grins impishly at Stephos.

Stormyrain smiles.

Stephos nods at Stormyrain.

Stephos begins chuckling at Goblyn!

Ysharra asks, "So we should stop our long-standing tradition of independence and acceptance?"

Cruxophim calmly reminds, "Of course, but at the same time closing our gates to outsiders makes us that much further down the road toward Chaston."

Ysharra says, "Because that's what trust means. Allowing people to come here and learn their way in the world."

Speaking diplomatically to Stephos, Cruxophim inquires, "And your men have no intention of causing problems here, yes?"

Stephos says, "Correct."

Ysharra says, "Instead of winding up in the asylum or a bane coffin, or the other end of the Chaston Edict."

Stephos says, "I am a business man, and I have to protect my interests."

Speaking to Puptilian, Talinvor says, "You put too much faith in.. trust."

Cruxophim nods understandingly at Stephos.

Stephos says, "My business, and my wife."

Speaking to Ysharra, Puptilian says, "We did that once with this person. He ended up trading that trust out for a shot at the Empire which ended up killing people in this town."

Stephos says, "The concept of hired protection should not be a new one."

Speaking amicably to Stephos, Cruxophim offers, "Salutations to your wife, by the way, if you would."

Speaking to Puptilian, Talinvor adds, "It is about what they do, not what is said."

Speaking to Stephos, Evia asks, "Expensive, no?"

Stormyrain says, "Two dozen, give or take, is nothing in our town. They would find themselves quickly overwhelmed even by our citizens in Shanty Town, should they act in an untoward manner."

Stephos says, "Hardly a drop."

Stormyrain looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.

Stephos nods at Evia.

Speaking to Puptilian, Ysharra asks, "So you're suggesting that we take it out on him, when he's stocked our defenses since then? And his wife provided those of us targeted by the plague safe harbor?"

Speaking malevolently to Stormyrain, Hapenlok says, "Or one motivated wizard."

Stormyrain adds, "Or one motivated wizard. Who will remember that the town's laws apply to him, though he was given mercy several nights ago."

Stephos asks, "Isn't it some of your blood that fed the original seeds for Walkar's blood trees?"

Stephos peers quizzically at Puptilian.

Speaking amusedly to Puptilian, Cruxophim ventures, "He's got a point too."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Puptilian says, "I was fully against that and fought to keep people from going through with it."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Puptilian says, "And yet another point on my side about freely giving trust in something that shouldn't have been."

Speaking slowly to Puptilian, Cruxophim ventures, "So you didn't participate then? My mistake, I thought you did."

Puptilian shrugs.

Cruxophim gives Puptilian a strong, encouraging smile.

Stephos says, "Perhaps it was his sister."

Speaking humbly to Puptilian, Cruxophim offers, "Apologies."

Stephos says, "I cannot recall. Rumors, perhaps nothing more."

Stephos shrugs.

Puptilian says, "It was my sister which went against my wishes."

Cruxophim nods understandingly at Puptilian.

Stephos nods at Puptilian.

Stephos says, "A shame."

Speaking softly to Puptilian, Cruxophim repeats, "Well, my apologies then. It's been so long, of course."

Stephos says, "I promise to maintain more control over my guards than you did over your sister."

Stephos nods at Puptilian.

Puptilian says, "She paid for that mistake for years at the hand of Stone and Cross."

Cruxophim whispers something to Stephos.

Cruxophim nods faintly at Stephos.

Cruxophim whispers something to Stephos.

Cruxophim nods grimly at Stephos.

Stephos smirks.

Stephos says, "Hopefully soon, this vigilante business will be behind us."

Stephos says, "I think sooner than we expect."

Stephos grins.

Stephos touches the edge of his cloak and you briefly see a glimpse of the yellow shard he tucked away.

Stephos says, "Goodnight everyone."

Stephos says, "Be safe out there."

Speaking to Stephos, Lylia says, "Give your wife my regards. And condolences."

Stephos nods at Lylia.

Lord Stephos just went through some reinforced wooden gates.