Stephos DeArchon

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Stephos DeArchon
Storyline Cross Into Shadows
Keeping Up With the Kestrels
Rise of Rone
Witchful Thinking
A Knight To Remember
Gender Male
Race Human
Relationship(s) Alendrial, wife
Alias/Title Councilman

Stephos DeArchon was a businessman who came to Wehnimer's Landing with his wife after experiencing issues stemming from her half-elven heritgage.


You see Councilman Stephos DeArchon.
He appears to be a Human.
He is short and appears to be past his prime. He has narrow grey eyes and weathered skin. He has short, receding dark brown hair peppered with grey and white. He has a fleshy face, a broad nose and a trimmed greyish-brown beard. He is short, but stout of frame. Faint, hazy tendrils of smoke drift up from the plump cigar in his mouth.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a woven silver-hued cloak, a silver-buckled black leather pack, a silver and black leather doublet, a pair of black leather gloves, an engraved platinum wedding band, a blackworked grey leather pouch, a thick black leather belt clasped with a large silver coin, some black silver-trimmed breeches, and a pair of polished black boots.


Stephos DeArchon was appointed to the town council in 5112. Stephos and his half-elven wife moved to Wehnimer’s years ago after they fled the imperial port of Idolone due to strong anti-human sentiments against the wealthy merchant and his half-elven bride. Stephos has since earned many friends among the local merchants, who elected him to represent them on the town council.

No friend of the Turamzzyrian Empire, there was a lot of talk in town around 5114 that Stephos may be responsible for funding the Brotherhood of Rooks and arming the krolvin who wage war against the coastline of the Empire. He made up with his estranged wife, Lady Alendrial, whose infidelity was no secret around town. It was believed that she had an intimiate relationship with Inquisitor Rinhale Hurrst to protect her husband. When he was murdered, the adventurers of Wehnimer's Landing protected her. Stephos also had a strong alliance with Lord Winter of Brisker's Cove.

As Stephos slipped into stranger behavior, at one point pardoning Madmountan and others who had boasted of killing Earl Berniah Kestrel with Nysina, he tried to vanish after being implicated as the weapon supplier for the Krolvin attacking the Empire. He was apprehended by the town guard, and kept in custody by members of the Order of the Silver Gryphon in their Holding.

Weeks later, Earl Jovery dispatched Sir Thadston Andrews to go to Wehnimer's Landing and transport the prisoner back to imperial lands to face trial. The heroes unknowingly handed over Stephos to an imposter, likely members of the Brotherhood of Rooks, pretending to be Sir Thadston and Hendoran soldiers. The imposters left Wehnimer's Landing with Stephos in tow. Days later, the real Sir Thadston showed up with his men, claiming to have been waylaid on the road by bandits. When the duplicity of the situation was soon discovered, Sir Thadston and his men rode off at once to try to recapture Stephos, but were unsuccessful.

In Lumnea 5117 (June 2017), Stephos arranged a meeting with adventurers and warned them there was a pending conflict between the Brotherhood of Rooks and the Hendoran Outpost. He explained that the Rooks were likely to attack the knights and mages in the Outpost with Dennet gone. This came true.

In Imaerasta 5117 (September 2017), Mayor Cruxophim pardoned both Stephos and Alendrial. Militia members were upset at this choice and gathered to protest.

On Eorgaen 11, 5117 (December 11, 2017), Stephos delivered wagons to the Landing to help with coming conflict.

On Fashanos 3, 5118 (February 3, 2018), Stephos is given a yellow shard by Ayred after greeting some riders who have arrived to help him find the Rone. On February 11, 2018, one of Stephos' black-armored mercenaries is killed by the Rone and Stephos breaks the shard of yellow plinite, creating an antimagic field around the town. This allows one of his mercenaries to injure the Rone who captures Lylia and only releases her in return for healing aid.

On Eoantos 21, 5119 (November 21, 2019), Stephos returned to Wehnimer's Landing with an offer of aid. He stated he had numerous ships at his disposal and could easily move hundreds of citizens to safety temporarily, and that he would do so without charging a fee. He suggested allowing his wife to handle these issues if it would allow things to go more smoothly, and then proceeded to deny having sold any Wehnimer's Landing townspeople to the krolvin.

On Imaerasta 13, 5120 (September 13, 2020), it was announced that Stephos DeArchon was one of the candidates for Steward of the Guilds.

Between 2020 and 2021, it was suspected that Stephos may actually be the Knave.

On Lormesta 27, 5121 (January 27, 2021), Councilman Cordarius explains that he hasn't been able to track down the whereabouts of Stephos who has missed payments on the construction of his house.

On Ivastaen 8, 5121 (May 8, 2021), Stephos is captured by Bourthian soldiers.