Rise of Rone - 5118-02-16 - Lheren's Plans: The Altar and the Church (log)

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Fashanos 16-17, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • In the coming weeks, Prelate Lheren hopes to replace the blood marble altar at the Hendoran outpost and will seek Deacon Irar's aid in blessing the new one.
  • Irar then names Marijka as a candidate, but also claims that she pretended to be an inquisitor of the Everwatch Tower and sought to convict him of apostasy. Lheren inquires and Marijka says that she is a lay sister associated with the Tower and does not claim to be ordained or a full member, adding that it's her duty to report matters to the Tower that require their attention. Lheren says her name does not strike him and asks who she reports to, but she says she cannot give a name. Lheren says he will look into it and that he hopes the Deacon is mistaken, as he did not flinch at burning Davard at the stake.
  • Lheren will take into consideration a private request from Mayor Cruxophim regarding the blood marble altar, but mentions that blood marble is very valuable to the Empire, especially with the mines in Talador inaccessible.


The Blood Marble Altar

[Graceful Goldenrod Table]

Brass lanterns with amber panes of glass cast a soft, golden light across the table. Stalks of goldenrod are handcut into the glass, casting thin, wavering shadows.

Also here: Elbromo, Zosopage, Chaoswynd, Shinann, Dame Evia, Marijka, Grand Lady Roelaren, Xorus, Stormyrain, Mayor Cruxophim, Azuryn, Sir Cryheart, Magister Raelee, Irar, Albanus, Puptilian, Lord Lheren

Cryheart bows to Lheren.

Lheren bows.

Speaking to Lheren, Puptilian asks, "How is the work going with the outpost shrine?"

Lheren says, "Good evening."

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "Good evening, my Prelate."

Irar smiles at Lheren.

Lheren says, "Slow. I believe I am getting close to feeling as if the shrine is truly cleansed, if you will."

Lheren says, "I am sorry for not being around earlier, I've been a bit ill."

Speaking concernedly to Lheren, Cruxophim inquires, "Oh?"

Lheren says, "But I came out to stretch a bit, and hoping this cider helps."

Lheren nods.

>look lheren

You see Lord Lheren Hochstib the Prelate of the Church of Koar.

He appears to be a Human.

He is average height. He appears to be in the prime of life. He has almond-shaped slate grey eyes and tanned skin. He has shoulder-length, thick light brown hair with a black streak running through it. He has an angular face, a straight nose and dimpled cheeks.

He is in good shape.

He is holding a mug of hot cranberry-apple cider in his right hand.

He is wearing a crystal amulet, a heavy black mantle lined with white silk, a polished white ora shield, a silver-tooled black leather satchel, a crisp white linen surcoat emblazoned with a golden crown, a point-sleeved padded black wool gambeson, an intricately carved silver scabbard inlaid with gleaming topaz, and a pair of black leather boots.

Lheren takes a drink from his cranberry-apple cider.

Lheren says, "I blame the weather."

Lheren chuckles.

Speaking to Lheren, Irar asks, "How may I serve?"

Speaking to Lheren, Albanus says, "Perhaps a hot bath would serve you. We do have a bath house here in town."

Lheren says, "I'll let you know soon enough, in a few weeks I'd wish to replace the blood marble shrine."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Irar nods at Lheren.

Lheren says, "I would seek your aid in blessing the new one."

Speaking to Lheren, Hlendril says, "Hello."

Speaking pleasantly to Lheren, Cruxophim inquires, "Did you receive my missive regarding that?" [Lheren does come back to this at the end of the night]

Lheren says, "Noted, thank you."

Lheren nods at Albanus.

Speaking to Lheren, Hlendril says, "I am Hlendril, the Mercenary Mayor Crux, talked bout."

Lheren says, "I'm afraid he hasn't. But well met."

Lheren begins chuckling at Hlendril!

Speaking to Lheren, Hlendril says, "Um.. Yes it's me.."

Lheren takes a drink from his cranberry-apple cider.

Church Revival

Lheren says, "I do however, have a goal in mind."

Lheren says, "But one not accomplished easily."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Irar turns an inquisitive ear toward Lheren.

Speaking to Lheren, Irar asks, "A goal?"

Lheren says, "I think, now that it has been over a year since the taint of Chaston has left..."

Lheren says, "We need a revival."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Speaking to Lheren, Irar asks, "Revival?"

Lheren says, "We need a rebirth of faith in Koar."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Speaking to Lheren, Puptilian asks, "While I know you are one of the leaders of the Church of Koar but once you lead prayer of all religions. If possible I think all faiths of late need a revival. Maybe follow the Godking's lead in this and lead all faiths in a revival?"

Lheren says, "Chaston has badly damaged his name in these parts, certainly."

Lheren says, "A valid point."

Lheren nods at Puptilian.

Speaking to Lheren, Irar asks, "And how do you envision this to be accomplished? A service?"

Lheren says, "As a local Deacon, it's your primary role to determine the best strategy and execution of such."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Irar nods at Lheren.

Lheren says, "My first suggestion, find those of like faith here."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "I can think of a few."

Lheren says, "Do you have any currently you know of? You mentioned one the other night."

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "Yes. Evician. In your absence, Prelate, I appointed him as an acolyte to minister to Solhaven."

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "I apologize if I overstepped in such... But I needed help, and he was there when I needed it."

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "I'm sure he would be glad, and capable, in assisting."

Speaking amusedly to Irar, Cruxophim explains, "I just nominated him to help pursue the commune angle for curing Larysa, as well."

Lheren says, "A wise decision, I approve."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Irar smiles at Lheren.

Speaking calmly to Irar, Cruxophim adds, "And Leafi, treason aside."

Cruxophim looks at you and breaks into a cheeky grin.

You raise your voice in merry laughter.

Speaking to Cruxophim, you jest, "I'm sure Evician will be able to get the work accomplished even if I... become unable to help."

You wink.

Lheren asks, "Only one though?"

Lheren peers quizzically at Irar.

Irar shakes his head.

Lheren says, "We will need to work on finding more."

Lheren chuckles.

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "There are others. Lady Wintersylph here is a High Priestess of Koar."

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "As is Maven Brokkrsten."

Lheren asks, "Are they here tonight?"

You interject, "He's a High Priest, however."

You snicker.

Irar points at Wintersylph.

Irar thumps you!

You glance upward and whistle quietly, an innocent look on your face.

Speaking softly to Lheren, Wintersylph says, "Well met."

Lheren says, "Wintersylph. A pleasure."

Lheren bows to Wintersylph.

The Unrecognized Associate of Everwatch Tower?

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "And then there is Marijka, who recently pretended to be an inquisitor of the Everwatch Tower, and sought to falsely convict me of apostasy."

Irar glances at Marijka.

Lheren blinks.

Speaking to herself, Marijka says, "Well this is awkward."

Lheren asks, "...excuse me?"

Irar nods at Lheren.

Lheren peers quizzically at Marijka.

Speaking to Marijka, Irar says, "You did say you wanted to meet him."

Lheren asks, "You are Marijka?"

Speaking to Irar, Marijka agrees, "I did."

Speaking to Lheren, Marijka introduces, "I am, your grace."

Lheren asks, "And you claim to be of the Everwatch Tower?"

Lheren squints.

Speaking to Lheren, Marijka says, "I am afraid that the Deacon is slightly misremembering my statements."

Irar chuckles.

Lheren says, "Elaborate then."

Speaking to Lheren, Marijka says, "I claim to be a lay sister associated with the Tower. I do not claim to be ordained, or a full member."

Lheren says, "We certainly do not have room to tolerate anymore falsehoods in the Church."

Lheren asks, "Associated, in what manner?"

Lheren says, "I am quite versed with many in the Tower, and your name does not strike me."

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "A manner strongly enough to convict me of heresy, and all the penalties that follow, apparently."

Speaking to Lheren, Marijka says, "It is my sworn duty to remain in this region and report to the Tower any matters which seem to be of a nature that would require their attention."

Lheren asks, "To whom do you report?"

Lheren peers quizzically at Marijka.

Irar turns an inquisitive ear toward Marijka.

Speaking slowly to Lheren, Marijka says, "I... cannot provide a name, Your Grace."

Lheren says, "Interesting."

Speaking to Marijka, Irar asks, "You don't know who you would've reported me to?"

Speaking to Irar, Marijka says, "Of course I know. But I cannot provide a name."

Lylia says, "There is a difference between 'I do not know' and 'I cannot say.'"

Speaking to Lylia, Irar says, "I am well aware."

Lheren says, "It will not be difficult to find such information, as I am personally involved in the reunification of the Church."

Lheren says, "Part of that, is weeding out those who would mislead within the Church."

Lheren says, "Let us hope, the Deacon is mistaken."

Lheren nods at Marijka.

Lheren says, "Let us hope indeed."

Lheren says, "I am a kind and generous man."

Speaking respectfully to Lheren, Marijka agrees, "As you say, your grace."

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "I hope I am, as well, Prelate. I am otherwise fond of Marijka."

Lheren says, "But I did not flinch when I burned the heathen Davard alive."

Irar glances at Lheren.

Cruxophim wistfully remarks, "He let off such a nice smell."

Stormyrain glances with dismay at Cruxophim.

Speaking to Lheren, Marijka says, "Respectfully, your grace, I would expect no less if your inquiries should find me wanting."

Evia says, "Not a matter for amusements."

Lheren nods.

Lheren takes a drink from his cranberry-apple cider.

Speaking monotonously to Stormyrain, Cruxophim states, "I had, and still have, no remorse for Davard. I am sure you recall why."

Lylia says, "A pity he could not have been made to talk first."

Lylia gives a sigh of regret.

Irar nods at Lheren.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Stormyrain says, "That was not the reason I gave you that look, and you know it."

The Value of Blood Marble

[several minutes of awkward silence until Hap breaks the ice...]

Hapenlok says, "I said it then, I'll say it now: we burned the wrong person at the stake then."

Hapenlok says, "Not that I mind that he's dead either."

[...but nobody responds to him either]

You quietly observe, "Awkward conversation."

Irar shrugs at you.

Goldstr grins at you.

Cruxophim starts chuckling at you!

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "I'm good for those."

Hapenlok grins wryly.

Speaking lightly to Hapenlok, you agree, "We know."

Speaking to you, Irar says, "As was mine when I was publicly accused of apostasy."

Lylia says, "We could always have continued the burnings until we reached the 'right' ones, but I think that might have created a stink."

Puptilian says, "You know everyone, this coversation started about looking to the future yet some have fallen to wanting to talk about some of the darkest past that has been over talked. Lets get back on focus of the future good."

Lylia says, "Politically, if not literally."

You nod in agreement at Puptilian.

Cryheart nods at Puptilian.

Roelaren nods at Puptilian.

Lylia counters, "Those who do not acknowledge their past are condemned to repeat it."

Xorus says, "Indeed. Time is the fire in which we all burn."

Goldstr agrees with Puptilian.

Lylia says, "But I agree that perhaps we could turn toward the future."

Evia says, "We are all pausing to reflect it seems."

Lylia smiles.

Hapenlok says, "I'm looking into the future. And I don't see anything good. Not while there's unfinished business looming."

Evia glances at Lheren.

Evia chuckles.

Cruxophim politely suggests, "But yes, I agree with Pup -- as I was just about to say, let us look to the future rather than the past, and to hope rather than dark remembrances."

Puptilian says, "And as I said the past events were talked about over and over and over again. Its been acknowledged already."

Albanus says, "Hmm."

Speaking respectfully to Lylia, Cruxophim admits, "Although, you do make a fair point."

You venture, "Were there any other plans or topics on your mind tonight, Prelate?"

Hapenlok says, "But, yes, coming from me, it comes from a delusional man, so you'll disregard my warnings, like usual."

Elbromo says, "Although I am not of the Church..I am interested in this 'reunification' you mentioned Prelate."

Irar agrees with Elbromo.

Lheren says, "No, I should turn in and get some rest."

Lheren says, "I did receive your letter."

Lheren nods at Cruxophim.

Lheren says, "In regards to the blood marble."

Lheren says, "I will take your request into consideration."

Cruxophim gives Lheren a strong, encouraging smile.

Elbromo says, "I was under the understanding the Church of Koar here in the Landing was to be distinctly separate from the Hierachy of the empire."

Speaking softly to Lheren, Wintersylph asks, "Prelate?"

Lheren says, "Blood marble, despite its checkered past, still holds quite a heavy value in the Empire."

Speaking diplomatically to Lheren, Cruxophim agrees, "I understand the need for a new altar, but it seems a waste to simply destroy it."

You narrow your eyes.

Lheren says, "Even more so, with the mines in Talador inaccessible and possibly destroyed."

Cruxophim nods understandingly at Lheren.

Stormyrain dryly says, "Shocking."

Stormyrain wrinkles her nose.

Stormyrain folds her arms over her chest.

Lheren begins chuckling at Stormyrain!

Cruxophim gives Lheren a strong, encouraging smile.

Lheren peers quizzically at Wintersylph.

Speaking softly to Lheren, Wintersylph asks, "You said you needed others, what assistance could I provide?"

Lheren says, "Help spread the faith."

Lheren nods at Wintersylph.

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "I will contact other dedicated Koarites of whom I am familiar, speak with them, and gain consensus. If you find that acceptable. And within my congregation, as well."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Lheren takes a drink from his cranberry-apple cider.

Speaking to Lheren, Lylia says, "Welcome back to the Landing, by the way."

Lheren slowly rises.

Lheren bows to Lylia.

Lheren says, "My thanks."

Lheren says, "It is good to be back."

Lylia says, "I had not had a chance to say it before. I was remiss."

Lylia places a hand over her heart.

Lylia bows to Lheren.

Lheren says, "I am looking forward to the future and the promise it holds."

Irar smiles at Lheren.

Cruxophim nods in agreement at Lheren.

Cruxophim scoots his chair back and stands up.

Lheren bows to Cruxophim.

Cruxophim and Lheren shake hands.

Lheren says, "I am fine, thank you Mayor."

Lheren nods at Cruxophim.

Lheren says, "Perhaps some poor food at the Outpost."

Speaking to Lheren, Lylia says, "We have a great many reasons to look forward, it is true."

Cruxophim grins at Lheren.

Lheren says, "Between the Hendorans and Bourthians, it seems none of them can cook properly all the time."

Lheren chuckles.

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "I look forward to working with you to see that promise to fruition. And hopefully better dining."

Irar grins at Lheren.

Speaking amicably to Lheren, Cruxophim offers, "We have many fine chefs here in the Landing, perhaps I could have the Deacon send over some comestables."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Irar says, "I don't think the Prelate would enjoy roa'ter steak, Mayor."

Lheren says, "You don't look like you even eat."

Lheren begins chuckling at Cruxophim!

Cruxophim raises his voice at Lheren in merry laughter.

Speaking ominously to Lheren, Cruxophim muses, "Oh, I assure you... I eat well. Growing lad, and all that."

Speaking softly to Lheren, Wintersylph says, "He actually eats lots of...Apples."

Lheren grins.

Lheren says, "Have a good evening everyone."

Lheren bows.

Lord Lheren just went out.