River's Rest Bank

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The River's Rest Bank is the only bank in the town of River's Rest.


The bank is located directly east of the drawbridge. It was in front of the bank that a protest was staged demanding a town bureaucrat be hired to keep a record of possessions of the town's citizens for insurance purposes. As this occurred in 5103, at night, during the Krolvin Occupation of the town, Sankir the Bloodfist, himself, appeared to tell the protesters to go home and be silent. While the protest was not successful immediately, it did win out over the long run.

A silver pick-axe used at the groundbreaking is located in the South Exhibit Room of the River's Rest Museum. It is unknown who could have crafted such a fancy pick-axe. Looking at it, it is obviously a special order, not intended for anything other than ceremony.

Behind the Scenes

Also of note, the town djinn, Bradach, often resided on the roof of the bank.