River's Rest General Store

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River's Rest General Store is the general store in River's Rest. It is located east of the drawbridge next to the bank. It also sells plain weapons and armor.

[General Store]
Although small, this shop appears to be the depository for just about anything anyone could possibly want. Precariously loaded shelves fill the room and customers avidly browse the inventory. Standing at a roomy counter, keeping an eagle eye on the scene, is an elderly shopkeeper. A fat grey cat graces the counter with his presence and looks up, annoyed, as a customer places a package too close to his tail, but he is soon catnapping once again in a patch of moonlight. You also see a mist-filled silver bowl and a large sign.


Welcome to the General Store!
An elderly shopkeeper offers his catalog to browse.
An elderly shopkeeper exclaims, "{You}!  Welcome back!  I have some top quality merchandise today in the backroom."
  1. a duffel bag          6. a rigging knife
  2. a ditty bag           7. a boat hook
  3. a reinforced shield   8. a falchion
  4. a scabbard            9. a battle axe 
  5. some light leather    10. a war hammer

  Backroom Catalog

Additional Notes

  • Duffel bags are worn on the back, weigh 9 lbs. and have a 100 lb. max storage capacity for any number of items
  • Ditty bags are worn on the belt, weigh 2 lbs. and have a medium (20-39 lbs.) storage capacity for any number of items