River Rat

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River Rat is the nickname given to the more criminally inclined, scoundrels, never-do-wells, and poor of River's Rest. The nickname originated at the time of the Turamzzyrian Resettlement program in the late 4490's, and was bequeathed to the older residents of the island by the new, more well off and connected inhabitants.

The term 'River Rat' is referenced on the small tag attached to the slab of dark grey riverstone at the town museum.

River Rats was also the term used by Imperial troops to refer to the River's Rest Volunteers, an undisciplined but ferocious group of fighters who assisted the Countess Vicalle Mestyr of Torre during her failed rebellion against Cassolus Chandrennin (4715-4719 M.E.) Berwin Cottswold was a member of those Volunteers and bequeathed a small monir box to the River's Rest Museum.