Rogue Guild (Mist Harbor)

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The Mist Harbor Rogue Guild is accessed through the west room of the Broken Stein Tavern on Crane Lane.

IFW-rogue guild.png

Guild Shop

Projected baseline prices. Final prices may vary on a per-character basis due to various factors (race, influence, trading, citizenship, etc.)

Item Price Item Price
a plain suede sack 50 a grey-washed ironwood buckler 8500
an alum-clasped grey linen gem pouch 3500 a grey-whorled azure vultite shield 37000
a mekret-inset alum lockpick case 1200 a suit of whorled grey leathers 68000
a plum-corded grey suede satchel 22000 a suit of vultite-riveted brigandine 203000
a dark grey mekret-clasped pack 25500 a shirt of azure vultite chainmail 219000
a plum-tasseled grey linen scabbard 900 a mekret-inset vultite hook-knife 13500
some crossed grey linen back-sheaths 7600 a teak-hafted azure vultite handaxe 38000
a sleek grey suede thigh-sheath 3500 a grey-whorled azure vultite cutlass 27500
a pair of loose grey pantaloons 8500 a whorl-etched vultite main gauche 6500
a pair of softened suede boots 8700 a teak-hafted grey vultite maul 60000
a deeply hooded grey stalking cloak 46500 a grey-whorled vultite morning star 54000
a suede-wrapped vaalin lockpick 125000 a mekret-eyed black skull pin 500

Backroom Catalog

Item Price Item Price
a small blown glaes vial 200 a delicate clear glass vial 200
a thin faceted glass vial 200 a fragile clear glass vial 200