Rogue Guild (Solhaven)

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The entrance to the Solhaven Rogue Guild is upstairs in the Solhaven Inn, which is at the intersection of Abalone and Chiton in North 'Haven.


Solhaven Rogue Guild Map

The guild in Solhaven is a previously well-appointed house that has since fallen into disrepair. It is currently haunted, and the apparent site of a murder-suicide. Details of the past residents and certain grisly events that occurred can be gleaned at various points around the guild structure.

Noteworthy locations not explicitly stated on the map above:

  • There are free crackers and peanuts in the guild lounge.

Guild Shop

Projected baseline prices. Final prices may vary on a per-character basis due to various factors (race, influence, trading, citizenship, etc.)

Item Price Item Price
a coral-eyed black skull pin 500 a curved red vultite cutlass 32500
a gold-tasseled red silk scabbard 1000 a salt-stained vultite main gauche 40000
a shell-inset silver lockpick case 1200 a shell-inset ruddy vultite shield 43500
an elegant red leather thigh-sheath 4000 a driftwood hafted vultite handaxe 50000
a gold-clasped red silk gem pouch 4000 a hooded dark silk stalking cloak 55000
some crossed red silk back-sheaths 9000 a maoral-hafted red vultite mace 60000
some loose dark red silk breeches 10000 a red vultite spiked morning star 63500
some red suede leather-laced boots 10250 some dark red bloodjewel-set leathers 80500
a shell-buckled sturdy leather belt 12000 a gold-etched pearly vaalin lockpick 125000
a vultite fire pearl-set hook-knife 15500 some deep red vultite-studded brigandine 150000
a deep red glaes buckler 25000 a red steel fire pearl-set breastplate 201000
a gold-corded red leather satchel 25000 some deep red vultite chain mail 260000
a dark red gold-clasped pack 30000 a plain sack 50