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Root and Petal is the tobacco shop in Nielira Harbor. It only sells tobacco pre-rolled as cigars. It doubles as a specialty shop for pomanders and similar items.

[Root and Petal] RNUM: 33904
A fragrant veil of dried herbs and florals drifts across the curtain-draped shop, the sheaves arranged in various glass vases across the fine-grained haon counter along the back wall. Charcoal-sketched drawings frame tall vertical drawers, the lined containers filled with wax-sealed vials and bottles, each vessel affixed with a tiny vellum tag. Several bracketed shelves line the sides of the apothecary, filled with wide stone jars interspersed between wicker-woven canisters.


Welcome to Root and Petal!

Apothecary Ithronel Torven offers her Catalog to browse.
Ithronel Torven exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a humidor                            12. a poppy pomander
  2. a leaf-wrapped ivory-banded cigar    13. a jasmine pomander
  3. a leaf-wrapped blackberry cigar      14. a nightshade pomander
  4. a leaf-wrapped peach-banded cigar    15. a honeysuckle pomander
  5. a leaf-wrapped plum-banded cigar     16. a jar of smoke-infused saevika
  6. a petal-wrapped honey-banded cigar   17. a jar of thyme pollen
  7. a leaf-wrapped lavender cigar        18. a jar of fennel pollen
  8. a leaf-wrapped ebony cigar           19. a jar of lavender pollen
  9. a slender ebony leather matchbox     20. a jar of rosemary powder
  10. a slim vert leather matchbox        21. a jar of ground onion
  11. a rose pomander                     22. a jar of garlic flowers

You can APPRAISE, INSPECT or DESCRIBE any item by number, ORDER by number to get pricing and customization options, BUY to purchase, or ORDER HELP for more info.
Designs available for the humidor:

  1. avian-carved          11. gilt-cornered        21. port-carved
  2. brass-latched         12. glass-inset          22. raven-carved
  3. bronze-framed         13. gold-latched         23. rectangular
  4. dagger-shaped         14. hexagonal            24. riveted
  5. faenor-framed         15. ivy-painted          25. rose-branded
  6. filigree-set          16. leaf-painted         26. rose-carved
  7. fine-grained          17. map-carved           27. scrimshaw-set
  8. flora-carved          18. monogram-set         28. shield-shaped
  9. flora-painted         19. nacre-inset          29. thistle-set
  10. gear-inset           20. octogonal            30. vine-carved
Woods available for the humidor:

  1. acacia                13. hazelwood            25. mossbark
  2. alder                 14. hickory              26. pine
  3. ash                   15. ironwood             27. rosewood
  4. aspen                 16. jadewood             28. sandalwood
  5. bamboo                17. juniper              29. teak
  6. cocobolo              18. lacewood             30. violetwood
  7. cypress               19. linden               31. walnut
  8. driftwood             20. oak                  32. willow
  9. ebonwood              21. mahogany             33. zebrawood
  10. ebony                22. maple                34. ziricote
  11. fel                  23. mistwood            
  12. haon                 24. modwir              

To customize your order, just add COLOR {colorname} MATERIAL {materialname} to your ORDER.
Example: ORDER 1 COLOR red MATERIAL mithril
# Full Item Description Cost
2. an ivory-banded cigar wrapped in tea green leaves 5,000
3. a blackberry-banded cigar wrapped in dried elderflowers 5,000
4. a peach-banded cigar wrapped in bourbon-scented leaves 5,000
5. a plum-banded cigar wrapped in tapered wine-dark leaves 5,000
6. a honey-banded cigar wrapped in dried naefira petals 5,000
7. a lavender-banded cigar wrapped in rosemary-infused leavesi 5,000
8. an ebony-banded cigar wrapped in dried thuja leaves 5,000
11. a leather-latticed pomander cradling dried rose petals 5,000
12. an openwork bronze pomander filled with dried poppy petals 5,000
13. a honeycomb-cut pomander cradling dried jasmine petals 5,000
14. a vellum-caged pomander cradling dried nightshade petals 5,000
15. an openwork faenor pomander caging dried honeysuckle petals 5,000
16. an ebony glass jar of smoke-infused saevika
17. a burgundy glass jar of thyme pollen
18. a sage green glass jar of fennel pollen
19. a pearlescent glass jar of lavender pollen
20. a lapis glass jar of rosemary powder
21. a tangerine glass jar of ground onion
22. a saffron glass jar of garlic flowers