Roxe Red

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Roxe Red
Gender female
Race halfling
Venue Festivals
Status unknown

Roxe Red was a merchant at Return to Coraesine Field. She played Roshambo, with the winners receiving premade signature verbs.


You see Roxe Red.
She appears to be a Halfling.
She is average height and appears to be young and robust.  She has dark eyebrows arched over clear green eyes and freckled, tanned skin.  She has long, fire-red hair hanging down her back in a cloud of tangles.  She has a button-shaped nose and tiny ears.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a double-bladed ivory-hilted dagger in her right hand.
She is wearing a tri-cornered hat with a trio of scarlet feathers, a crystal amulet, a scarlet velvet waistcoat with vivid purple trimmings and long dusters, a knotted white shirt, a skull-embroidered sash, a pair of black silk satin breeches, and a pair of tall black boots buttoned down the back.