Royal Arboretum

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In the northeast quadrant of Ta'Illistim on Glamesine Var, a Royal Arboretum serves to delight the public with carefully cultivated botanical specimens. Workers enter the gold door on the side, while a more colorful door leads to an entryway filled with artwork. The galleria opens into central botanical garden beneath faenor framing, which adjoins three conservation zones and their research laboratories. Student Feriae Enfiel of the Masters of Lore, under the guidance of botanist Vanathys, completed the remodel. Additionally, an extensive menu is available for purchase in the botanical garden.

  • Remember to bring money for entry (250 silvers) and refreshments.
[Ta'Illistim, Glamesine Var] RNUM: 709 (u13100057)
The var comes to an end in a little cul-de-sac, framed on three sides by white marble buildings, including the Ta'Illistim Royal Arboretum. A dwarf maoral tree sits near the Arboretum's doorway, hung with a silver lantern and shading a low bench.
Obvious exits: south