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Race Aelotoi
Culture Gaeh'deh
Profession Street artist, odd-jobber
Religion Very loose adherent of L'Naere and Jastev
In-a-Word Disillusioned
Disposition Melancholic and mercurial
Demeanor Guarded but conversational
Flaw Mistrustful, secretive, unpredictable
Greatest Strength Willpower, self-reliance
Greatest Weakness Lack of trust, other people's silverware
Habits Loitering, petting kittens
Hobbies Painting and sketching, playing the flute, people-watching, kitten-watching, meditation, street fighting
Likes Art and music, animals that aren't dogs, high places, punching people
Dislikes Wealth, entitlement, servitude, not being able to fly
Fears Betrayal

Rueklyth is an Aelotoi from Bre'Naere by way of somewhere in the Elven Nations, with a propensity for loitering in parks. She may or may not be intimidating.


You see Rueklyth.
She appears to be an Aelotoi of the Gaeh'deh Clan.
She is shorter than average. She appears to be youthful. She has brooding blue-black eyes and olive skin. She has chin length, unruly chestnut hair. She has a delicate face, an upturned nose and a missing tooth. She has a pair of glimmering wings.


Rueklyth was born into slavery on Bre'Naere, where her Gaeh'deh family performed the hard labor of mining for the kiramon. Rueklyth herself often relayed ore samples and messages around the various mining and quarrying areas where her family was based, which gave her ample opportunity to indulge in her obsession of watching the kiramon. This life ended when Rueklyth was nine, and the portal to Elanthia was opened.

Whatever has happened to Rueklyth in the fifteen years since then, or in fact what happened when the portal opened, or was happening right beforehand, or at any other point, is entirely obscure and naturally of no use or interest to anyone whatsoever.