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Kiramon are an insect-like race which once threatened Elanthia with destruction. They were mostly expelled at the end of the Elven-Kiramon War, but isolated pockets of workers and defenders still exist. There is no explanation of how they suddenly emerged as an existential threat. Estrion used them in the archaic history when building his strange contraption in Darkstone Castle.


The history of the kiramon is considered out-of-character information and would not be available to most citizens of Elanthia.[1]

Inter-planetary nomads (possibly inter-planar as well, if not in origin, but this is not stated in any document), the Kiramon went from planet to planet devouring the resources until depleted, then repeating the pattern. The Kiramon operated as a collective mind, lead in part by a Brood Mother. The Kiramon have adapted to use electricity as a weapon and tool.

The race was expelled by the elves from Elanthia and sent to the planet Bre'Naere. Unfortunately, Bre'Naere was already inhabited by the Aelotoi, whom the Kiramon enslaved and genetically altered to suit their needs. Remnants remained on Elanthia in the form of kiramon defenders and kiramon workers, but not enough to pose any considerable risk. There were "enormous black kiramon razorback" and "massive armored kiramon soldier" invasion creatures when the Aelotoi first arrived in the Wraithenmist. These are not mentioned in the Kiramon study document.

Bre'Naere must be relatively close to Elanthia in space to make sense of the short transit time of the Elemental Confluence between the worlds. In spite of this seemingly necessary proximity, the kiramon did not return to Elanthia after being expelled. The kiramon are not seen or mentioned as using magic, though their poison and disease is inflicted by CS, even though it is physical contact.

List of kiramon creatures

Behind the Scenes

Krylites were an insect-like race who had survived underground on the continent of Emer since the First Era cataclysm in the Shadow World history. They were based on space aliens imported from other planets that were experimented upon genetically by the Lords of Essaence, the race that almost destroyed the world under the rule of the Empress Kadaena. They were relatively technologically advanced with considerable proficiency using electricity, as that world setting was a mixture of fantasy and science fiction. When the I.C.E. Age ended the background lore was left idle, but returned very similar to its original form when the Aelotoi were introduced. The documentation consistently uses the word "planet" and never uses the word "planes." Kiramon are not extraplanar beings in the game mechanics.


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