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A rune tattoo, sometimes referred to as a scroll tattoo, is a special tattoo that can be placed upon a person's arm by special merchants. The tattoo bestows the use of spell(s) held within it similar to a scroll. Each spell within the tattoo is set to a maximum number of uses per day based on the spell or merchant offering the service. Activation of the spells follows similar Arcane Symbols usage for activating spells off of a scroll using the invoke command.


>invoke 712
  1d100: 82 + Modifiers: 333 == 415

You pull back a ruby-eyed black mithril dragon armband, revealing your runic tattoo.
You focus on your runic tattoo, concentrating on the power stored in its arcane symbols.
You feel charged with power!

You gesture.
A shadowy patch of ether rises up through the floor to encompass you, swiftly sinking into your skin.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

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