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Tattoos customize character descriptions via stock list tattoos at select festivals or from monks, purchased tattoos at the premium tattoo shop, merchant-altered custom tattoos, or specialty tattoos with added functions or scripts. Stock tattoos can further be enhanced by a monk to create a Mystic Tattoo.

Tattoo Types

Stock tattoos are available at select festivals or events such as The Albatross or Duskruin Arena. Other locations, such as Dragonfly Inks, sometimes have specific offerings of tattoos as well that may differ from the stock tattoo list. Monks can tattoo any from the stock tattoo list as well via the TATTOO verb.

Custom tattoos are provided by specialty merchants and are subject to ALTER requirements for base, long, and show descriptions.

Specialty tattoos include the following items:

Tattoo Locations

     Tattoos can only be done in the following areas:

     Head - Covered by helms/hats.
     Neck - Will always be visible.
     Back - Covered by armor/shirts, cloaks, backpacks, gambesons.
     Shoulder - Covered by armor/shirts and cloaks.
     Chest - Covered by armor/shirts, aprons, gambesons
     Arm - Covered by arm greaves.
     Wrist - Will always be visible.
     Finger - Covered by gloves.
     Waist - Covered by belts.
     Thigh - Covered by pants/skirts.
     Leg - Covered by leg greaves.
     Foot - Covered by boots and socks.
     Ear - Will always be visible.
     Ankle - Covered by socks.
     Other - Other areas may be possible in
             certain instances, but they must
             always be visible.  Hence, they will
             NOT be placed in other, less obvious
             EX: Face - good
                 Sole of foot - no good

Tattoo Concealment or Removal

Tattoos can be destroyed with the REMOVE verb while holding an appropriate sharp implement, although doing so incurs a level 2 wound and 20 round stun.

Tattoos can be hidden with concealment cream, which is available in the backroom of the Wehnimer's Landing General Store and can be permified.