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Using A Boost Runner To Order From A Player Shop

To use a BOOST RUNNER to purchase an item from a shop and deliver it to you:

  1. Withdraw a promissary note for the price of the item PLUS (+) 5,000 (this is the runner travel cost) and keep it in your hand
    • e.g: if the item is listed for 10,000, you need a note for 15,000 silver
    • NOTE: a note in the local currency is fine and does not require any exchange
  2. Type BOOST RUNNER to activate the runner. You now have 15 minutes to complete the purchase.
  3. Use SHOP BROWSE in-game to find your item
  4. Once you find the item:
    • In Stormfront you can simply click the item
    • Otherwise enter SHOP PURCHASE <item number>
>shop browse
You must specify in which town you wish browse shops.  Valid options include: Wehnimer's Landing, Teras Isle, Solhaven, River's Rest, Icemule Trace, Zul Logoth, Ta'Illistim, Ta'Vaalor, and Mist Harbor.

Use SHOP DIRECTORY {town} to list open shops in a specified town.
Use SHOP BROWSE {town} {shop#} to list the inventory of a specific shop.
>Wehnimer's Landing

   ~*~ Wehnimer's Landing Shops ~*~

    1) Example Weaponry                2) Example Magic Shop                 3) Example Armor Shop

You can use the SHOP BROWSE LANDING {SHOP#} command to browse the inventory of a particular shop.

>Example Magic Shop

Exaple Magic Shop is located in [East Row, Ebonwood Way] at an brownstoone with copper roof, and is currently open for business.

 Example Weapon Shop (entry)

 On a maple table:
   12345678) a heavy moonstone cube                                            for      10,000 silver
   12345679) a heavy moonstone cube                                            for      10,000 silver
   12345610) a heavy moonstone cube                                            for      10,000 silver
   12345611) a heavy moonstone cube                                            for      10,000 silver
   12345612) a heavy moonstone cube                                            for      10,000 silver
   12345613) a heavy quartz orb                                                for      10,000 silver

You can use the SHOP INSPECT {STOCK#} command to get details about a particular shop item.
You may also click the stock numbers above to SHOP INSPECT that particular item.

You request a thorough inspection of a heavy moonstone cube from Example Magic Shop

There is nothing there to read.
The cube can not be worn.

Analysis of a heavy moonstone cube indicates the item is free from merchant alteration restrictions.

You get no sense of whether or not the cube may be further lightened.

The moonstone cube will cost 10000 coins.

You can use SHOP PURCHASE 12345678 to purchase the cube.

[Purchasing items from shops in other towns requires the services of the Chronomages at the cost of 5,000 silver for 24 hours.]
You call over a nearby urchin and inquire about purchasing a heavy moonstone cube.
You exchange a few words with the urchin and hand over an Icemule promissory note valued at 15000 silver to exactly cover the cost of purchase.
The urchin returns after a while and hands you a heavy moonstone cube.