Rusted metal bolt

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a rusted metal bolt


The bolt is somewhat rusty and tinged with a bit of grease. The threads also look to be stripped, so it likely won't be of much use to anybody.


No other details are known.


You clutch the metal bolt in your hand, and begin your verse. Try as you might to keep your rhythm, you are distracted by a loud series of metallic clanking noises.

Changing tone and pitch doesn't seem to help much, the distracting and troublesome grinding noises just seem to be getting louder and louder.

Raising your voice to overcome the cacophony assaulting you, you try a new harmony. It doesn't work much better, but scattered visions of machinery and bizarre contraptions fill your vision. The stench of oil and grease fill the air as well.

You soften your voice to nearly a whisper, no longer fighting the noise. It works, and you find yourself standing beside a rather bemused looking gnome. At his feet is a bucket of bolts and numerous tools. He appears to be working on some type of lift.
NOTE: Possibly not full loresong.