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STOP makes a character stop doing something. It also can be used for roleplay.

    STOP {Spell ID#}     - Dispel a worn spell that you can cast
    STOP {Mnemonic}      - Dispel a worn spell that you can cast
    STOP SINGING         - Stops all current songs
    STOP PLAYING         - Stops playing instrument
    STOP PLAYING {style} - Stops playing instrument using style
    STOP SNEAKING        - Stop sneaking around.
    STOP BREEZE          - Stop a Breeze (612) that you have cast.
    STOP DIVINE WRATH    - Stops Divine Wrath (335).
    STOP WATCHING        - Stop watching a player.
    STOP PROTECTING      - Stop protecting a player.
    STOP GUARDING        - Stop guarding a player.
    STOP STALKING        - Stop silently following your target.
    STOP MEDITATING      - Stop meditating.
    STOP STANCE          - Stop maintaining any Martial Stance that you currently hold.
    STOP GRASP           - Stop Grasp of the Grave (709) and remove the remaining hands from the room.
    STOP {Target}        - Roleplaying verb against a player, creature, or self target.
    STOP LIST            - Provides a list of activities you can currently STOP doing.

>stop {self}
You stop dead in your tracks.

>stop {target}
You abruptly lift your hand, your palm facing directly toward {target}.
Note: STOP GRASP is inaccurate in game and the description has been corrected here.

STOP Spell

The only two checks for stopping a spell is that it is defensive and that you can cast it. Some offensive spells can be stopped, Breeze (612) being an example; others use different verbs (Tangle Weed (610) uses DISMISS). Minor Sanctuary (213) can by stopped by anyone who has incanted it via scroll, blessed gem, or other method.