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The SING verb will allow a character to sing a song. Similar to RECITE, the lyrics will appear indented with blank lines between the message and the previous and following command lines so that everyone in the room can easily see it. It is used in conjunction with SONG, which controls the tone of the song.

SING is also used to CAST a bard spellsong, although CAST and INCANT can still be used. Once a bard sings a spellsong (or multiple spellsongs), it will automatically renew until the bard STOPs singing. SONG STATUS will tell the bard which songs are currently being sung that will automatically renew and how much mana the bard must have to renew them.

Tip: Use ` (grave mark) for apostrophes. They appear straight in game.


    SING [modifiers] {message}

    Where [modifiers] supports one or both of the following:
        ::{target} or @{target}

    Where {message} can be one line or multiple lines separated by a semicolon.
        EXAMPLE: "SING Jori says she hears the birds;When I can't hear a thing,;Jori whistles like a robin,;I can only sing."

    For a full list of tones, see SONG LIST.

    SING will use whatever language you are currently SPEAKing.

    You may check the status of any spellsongs you are currently singing with SONG STATUS. (This line for bards only.)

>sing Jori says she hears the birds;When I can't hear a thing,;Jori whistles like a robin,;I can only sing.
You sing:

    "Jori says she hears the birds
     When I can't hear a thing,
     Jori whistles like a robin,
     I can only sing."

>song list

                          POSSIBLE TONES FOR USE WHEN SINGING

  1. none                 2. abrupt               3. airy                 4. alto               
  5. amused               6. angry                7. annoying             8. appealing          
  9. bad                 10. baritone            11. bass                12. blatty             
 13. boisterous          14. breathy             15. bright              16. cacophanous        
 17. calm                18. chanting            19. cheerful            20. clear              
 21. confident           22. crooning            23. dark                24. deafening          
 25. deep                26. depressing          27. discordant          28. dolorous           
 29. earnest             30. edgy                31. eery                32. ethereal           
 33. flat                34. flowing             35. funereal            36. flirtatious        
 37. gleeful             38. grave               39. grim                40. grumpy             
 41. happy               42. harsh               43. haunting            44. hesitant           
 45. hurried             46. husky               47. jaunty              48. jolly              
 49. jubilant            50. lethargic           51. lilting             52. loud               
 53. measured            54. melodic             55. merry               56. methodic           
 57. moaning             58. mocking             59. monotonous          60. mournful           
 61. nervous             62. off-key             63. operatic            64. pedantic           
 65. piercing            66. playful             67. pleading            68. plodding           
 69. pompous             70. ponderous           71. powerful            72. proud              
 73. quiet               74. raucous             75. resonant            76. resounding         
 77. rhythmic            78. rollicking          79. romantic            80. sad                
 81. seductive           82. sharp               83. shrieking           84. shrill             
 85. slow                86. smooth              87. snide               88. soft               
 89. somber              90. sonorous            91. soprano             92. soulful            
 93. sour                94. squeaky             95. staccato            96. stern              
 97. stuttering          98. sweet               99. teasing            100. tender             
101. tenor              102. terse              103. thunderous         104. tinkling           
105. tinny              106. trembling          107. trilling           108. tuneful            
109. tuneless           110. twittering         111. vibrant            112. vibrato            
113. wailing            114. warbling           115. warm               116. weak               
117. whimsical          118. whining            119. wistful            120. wry   


    SONG {tone #}|{description}

Examples: SONG 41, SONG happy
Either of these would set your default tone to "happy" while singing.

Your singing tone is currently set to none.

For different singing tone options, see SONG LIST.

You may check the status of any spell songs that you are currently singing with SONG STATUS.

>song status
You are currently singing:  Song of Luck
                            Song of Peace
                            Sonic Weapon Song

Your song magic remains strong.  It will be several minutes before your medley renews.  Your current renewal cost is 19 mana.


>pre 1006
You begin your musical chant for Song of Luck...
Your spellsong is ready.
You sing a melody.
As you sing, the air sparkles briefly with tiny flashing motes of light before returning to normal.  You feel strangely lucky!
Sing Roundtime 3 Seconds.

A sense of peace and calm resettles over the area. (When singing Song of Peace.)
Your songs renew.

Spellsongs with Special Sing Commands