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The STUCK verb was implemented in March 2018 to ask for emergency help, it will notify all GameMasters that you are in desperate need, but there may not be a GameMaster on at all times to assist you.

  PAGE     - This command will notify all online staff that you are stuck and need assistance.
             Please note, there may not be a GameMaster on at all times.
             You may be in an area that has a puzzle, or mechanical exit in place that
             a GameMaster cannot solve for you.
  DECAY    - This command should only be used if you feel you've tried all other options.
             It will give you the penalties of a full death and move you to the nearest
             temple, or respawn location.
  HELP     - Gives a general overview of how to proceed when you feel you are stuck.
             General tips, links to the wiki, maps, and a suggestion to use local
             channels like the amunet.
Please note, staff members will only move you if you are truly stuck with no way out.
Abuse of this command can lead to temporary or permanent blocking of its functions or further punishment.

>stuck help
Stuck Help:
 This section is designed to give you general advice for when you feel you are stuck.
 LOOK - Objects sometimes have more than one function. Try LOOKing in, on, under, behind,
 and at objects in the room.  In some cases an object could be a puzzle, try interacting with it!
 EXAMINE - Examine everything, you never know what it might be!
 SEARCH - Look for hidden objects or passages.
 AMUNET - Adventurers can try asking for help on ESP.
          [link removed]
 WIKI - Maps and general information can be found on the wiki - [link removed]