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Category: Hunting and Combat
Topic: The Sea of Fire - Hunting Area
Message #: 2
Date: 08/09/2016 09:58 PM EDT
Subject: The Sanctum Gates Creak Open

The Sanctum of the Scales is open to the world.

Long the domain of the Arch-Lich Tseleth and his order, the Sand Snakes, the Sanctum has been corrupted by the magics of the Ur-Daemon. There is only one cure for the madness of those who dwell there: their blood must flow!

This capped hunting ground is accessible via the new caravan system from Wehnimer's Landing and Solhaven. You'll have to wander through the raging elements of the Sea of Fire, but skilled adventurers can find their way to the Sanctum gates and engage its mixture of living and undead foes. Those who venture into the Sanctum routinely can collect and charge special periapts by hunting there. These will open a portal from a Luukosian holy site beneath Solhaven to the Sanctum and vice versa, allow for easy transport to Elanthia's newest hunting ground.

Fight the corrupted forces of Luukos, and avoid getting transformed into a ravenous lurk along the way.

Be wary of murder, treachery, and the occasional disarm maneuver whilst there!


Special thanks to all of the GameMasters who made the Sanctum possible:

Galene, Haliste, and Kenstrom, for their aid in painting the Sanctum.

Coase for a tremendous job QCing the mechanical side of the project, and Xayle for her work QCing the environs.

Finros and Estild for suggestions and advice that helped shape the creatures.

Lydil for permissions necessary to connect the Sanctum to Solhaven.

...and the numerous players who died in the release event. Luukos loves you. Luukos is (un)Life.




Category: Hunting and Combat
Topic: The Sea of Fire - Hunting Area
Message #: 75
Date: 08/13/2016 02:20 PM EDT
Subject: Sanctum Update 8/13/16

Sanctum Updates 8/13

  • DISARM has been removed and replaced by a new ability, UNHOLY QUICKENING. You folks just haaaaaaaad to complain, didn't you?
  • Abominations will no longer tear off your " ". Your " " has been through enough and it is quite distressed already.
  • Fixed a typo in periapts.
  • The Sea of Fire travel logic is improved. You should now head to the Kanchoko Oasis without worrying about bouncing to other nodes if you've just left the Sanctum.
  • Animates should no longer try and cause a zombie apocalypse once under player control. If your animate may be spreading the T-virus, please report it to me care of the Umbrella Corporation.
  • As requested, the Kanchoko Cave is now a node with a trash can.


Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3255
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 07/21/2021
Subject: Sanctum

Ssssssweet Sssssally of the Ssssanctum of Sssscalesss sssseekss to sssell ssssea shellsss by the sssea sssshore, but got ssssick of losssing her friendssss Sssseymour and Sssebasstian ssslipping on the tilessss. Sssshe's sssso much more ssssatisssfied now.

The tile leading into and out of the Fangs of the Serpent, where one can transport to the Sanctum of Scales, has been updated. The tile will no longer break up groups when being used. This includes members of the group who might not longer be on this mortal coil, to better allow one to drag their corpsified selves to somewhere they could get aid.

Thanks to GM Auchand for his assistance in making this happen.